Welcome to the table!

Today there are a huge number of modelsdining tables - different shapes, sizes and materials of manufacture. What table to choose, read in this article What is most important in any home? Of course, a dinner table! He unites the family, it is convenient for him to have breakfast and exchange news, receive guests and celebrate holidays.

Size matters

The dimensions of the table depend on the room in whichit costs and how many people the owners plan to place behind it. The optimal size of the countertop is about a meter. If the table is larger, it is more convenient to serve it, especially for a large company, but a family of 2-3 people will feel disconnected at it. A smaller countertop means a minimum of utensils and eaters. In short, your table should suit your lifestyle and the specifics of your guests' reception. A good way out for a large company in a relatively small area would be a transforming table. When folded, 2-3 people can have a great lunch behind it, and when unfolded it can accommodate up to 10-12 people. If you are prone to pedantic decisions, please note: for comfortable placement at the table, the width of one seat should be at least 60 cm. Your table is not rectangular, but round? Do not need complicated calculations! Simply plant your home so that it is convenient for them at this table, and estimate how much more people will feel good in the remaining space. Remember: your guests should not touch each other with elbows while eating!

Are you a circle or an oval?

When you decide on the size of the table, you needchoose its shape. This can be a square, a rectangle, an oval or a circle. Square tables are best placed in the center of the room or near the wall. Round and oval to put against the wall is problematic. And if they are too big, then the guests will find it more difficult to reach all the dishes. But these tables are more convenient to use: it's easier to maneuver around them. And at the round table will fit more people than for a square exactly the same size. Tables of "irregular" shape - triangular,streamlined, trapezoidal and others - perfect for lovers of eclecticism. At the same time, it does not matter how many guests they have to receive: the uniqueness of the style redeems possible inconveniences. And one more nuance: choose a table from materials that match the design and decoration of the room in which it will be constantly. Don't forget about style. If the kitchen or dining room is decorated in a classic style, a table made of wood or a good imitation of it is preferable. Possible version of an antique table with carved legs and noble wood species. A glass table will look good in a modern interior, moreover, it will "dissolve" in the room and will not look bulky.;;;