How to make a ceiling: tension, hanging coatings, drywall

A long time ago, the time when the ceilingit was only allowed to whiten or paint. At the moment the choice is quite wide and varied. It is not easy to stop at any one kind, because a lot depends on this step. Picture 1. Diagram of a two-level matt tension ceiling. Thanks to the properly selected ceiling, you can make it so that a room that has a small area will get visually large. Correctly chosen ceiling covering will give the big hall an incredibly cozy appearance. Before choosing a ceiling type, you need to carefully evaluate the base base, take note of the presence of any irregularities. An important role is played by the room itself, in which the ceiling will be made.

Features of stretch ceiling

To date, this is the most profitablepurity, and speed of installation option. Installation is permitted immediately after repair. Completely no need to reposition the furniture. Thanks to the use of a vinyl film, it is possible to greatly expand the choice of the texture of the coating. In addition, you can organize various models, such as arched, futuristic and even angled. Such a stretch ceiling will be appreciated not only by adults, but also by children (Figure 1). There are no color restrictions. Any image, drawing can be applied to such a coating. A huge plus of the stretch ceiling can rightfully be called anti-static (dust does not settle). This quality will please the hostesses. Figure 2. Scheme of a false ceiling. With such an interesting ceiling coating, you can easily hide both the unevenness of the base ceiling, and ventilation, electrical and other equipment. Do not worry about the fastening system. It takes only 5 cm of the height of the room. Such a ceiling coating is characterized by a long period of operation. To install this cover, you need the following tools:

  • putty knife;
  • scissors;
  • technical dryer;
  • pneumatic tool.

Back to contents</a> Suspended ceilings: Features This option in the modern interior is quite often (Figure 2). Such a coating consists of a light supporting frame and lining elements. The first in its form visually resembles a lattice. For a strong fixing of the frame to the ceiling, special suspensions are actively used. And only then the installation of the facing elements begins. Such ceiling coverings are recognized as the most convenient and practical, because thanks to them you can easily hide from unnecessary eyes the communication systems. In addition, one can not but mention another positive aspect of such a system: the simplicity of repair. If any module is damaged, there is no urgent need to dismantle the whole frame. All that a host needs to do is just replace the module. Figure 3. Scheme of a single-level ceiling from gypsum board. At the moment, there are six types of such a ceiling panel:

  • panel;
  • tiled;
  • rack-and-pinion;
  • cassette;
  • cellular;
  • lattice.

The greatest attention among clients and specialistsOnly tiled panels with a square or rectangular shape are attracted. To install this coating was successful and in the shortest time, you need to have in stock such important components: spatula, combined ruler, construction level, hammer, drill. Back to contents</a> Coverings from gypsum plasterboard Suspension system,quality made of a material such as gypsum board, is a seamless seamless plane (Figure 3). The shape can be varied: smooth, made in the form of curvilinear curves, domes and even broken planes. Covering from such material easily allows to assemble various lighting devices, such as built-in, suspended and overhead. To easily and quickly perform the installation of this system, you need to have the following tools: electric drill, straight and cross-cut screwdrivers, forceps to hold the dowels, punch, complete the list of metal scissors. Before you decide on any coverage, you need to carefully weigh all the points and components. Considerable importance in addressing this issue has a ceiling installation budget. It's not easy to make a ceiling, but almost every person can do it. We need only confidence in our own forces and the necessary tools. How to make a ceiling, the owner chooses. </ ul>