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And the girl is ripe: the first adult house Miley Cyrus

November 23 is incredibly popular and recentlyIncredibly scandalous Miley Cyrus turns 22 years old. Despite the young age, the star has long since flown out of the parent's nest and lives in her own house. Details below When Miley Cyrus turned 18, her name was already on the list of the most influential celebrities according to Forbes! Then the girl was on the 13th place, having bypassed many eminent and more adult show business stars. Today, the popularity of Miley Cyrus continues to grow, and along with the popularity, the singer's fees also increase. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that at such a young age the girl is already the owner of the elite real estate. Her luxurious mansion in California, worth $ 3.9 million, is the pride of Miley and the envy of less fortunate colleagues in the shop. House of the middle of the last century in the Art Nouveau style has becomeFor Miley Cyrus a kind of symbol of growing up. After all, she acquired it immediately after the end of many years of filming in the series "Hannah Montana", which made it incredibly popular. Stylish eclectic interior with retro elements obviously contrasts with Miley's televised image of a glamorous teenage girl who absolutely did not match the wild character of the star and is pretty fed up with her. The interior of the house really looks like an adult. You might think that in him lives an experienced business woman, experienced in questions of style, and not an outrageous singer-teenager, whose body is adorned with numerous tattoos. Parquet floors and kitchen facades from exotic species of trees, fireplaces and chic bathroom, stylized for spa, skins and a massive leather sofa - and no rhinestones, glitter and bright screaming colors.

Features of the interior matured Miley Cyrus:

  • If you combine competently modern and retroDetails, you can get an extraordinarily stylish and laconic interior mix. For example, the high-tech filling of the kitchen looks more comfortable against the background of wooden orange lockers in the style of the last century.
  • Minimalist interior is not necessaryImplies the absence of furniture sets and decor elements. Just their size and quantity should be determined by the size of the room. The main thing is that in a minimalistically decorated space it is easy to breathe and move around.
  • Bright interior can do not only paint, butAnd contrasting in their texture or style of decorative elements. So, for example, cow skin on the living room floor surprisingly enlivens the situation.
  • In every interior should be presentSmall details that personify the characteristics of its inhabitants. For example, amusing pillows in peas, adjacent to a strict leather sofa, or an extravagant picture in the style of abstractionism, as if casually on the main wall in the living room.
  • It is better to have a bright and bright wardrobe, but an elegant and quiet interior than the other way around.