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What color is better to choose: 12 most popular schemes for a bedroom -

Do not know how to make a bedroom? In our today's material, we have compiled the most popular color schemes. Excellent result guaranteed

The color decoration of the bedroom interior has almostthe same value as the choice of the right furniture. The shades of a different spectrum have quite a strong influence on our psyche, and sometimes on our well-being. However, choosing a color design for a bedroom, it is important to focus not only on the psychology of color, but also on personal preferences, associations and habits. Today, we have selected the 12 brightest and most popular color schemes this season, among which you will probably find the perfect option for the interior of your own bedroom.

Poppy field - shades of earth, flowers and greens. If you want to stretch the summer mood, this scheme is the best choice.

Spring garden: the meaning is the same, but the sensations are radically different - freshness, coolness and spring.

Lake with storks is a continuation of the summer theme,but this time with muted shades and plot painting. By the way, a good technique: to designate the theme of the color design of the interior with the object of decor. The shades of gray are more popular than ever,but many of them still seem boring. Well, here's the scheme with bright yellow accents - a great option for those who want to be on the wave of current trends and at the same time live in a bright space.

Marine schemes with rich shades of water and sand will never lose their popularity.

This season, pink again returned. On a blue background, as you can see, it is magnificent.

In white walls, a bright interior with rich natural shades is also possible.

Here the main role is played by white, followed by black and red. Blue we see in the motley floral pattern on the linen.

If you do not have problems with falling asleep, but at the same time awakening is given with great difficulty, this solar circuit will perfectly suit as an unobtrusive "alarm clock", charging with energy.

Lightly dusted pink shades will be more to the liking of young girls.

A small bedroom is an excellent occasion to experiment with color. For example, paint the walls in black and add a few accents with eye-catching prints, all in the same black. Beige background - not an occasion to be upset and live in dull neutral shades until next repair. A little color in textiles, bright decor - and the bedroom takes on a completely different mood.