Design and Decor

Just 5 things, and your living room will not find out -


No matter what style yourShe needs a cosiness and some zest. We will tell you about 5 important points, which should be highlighted. Try them on your interior - and the atmosphere in the room will definitely become special

Art objects

We all have different tastes. Some like bright posters, others - copies of world masterpieces, the third - unusual modern sculptures. If you do not feel like a pro in this matter, grab large things so that they can be put on the console or on the table, as well as large posters and pictures. The more clear is the style and theme of the work, the better.

Correct lighting

Treat the selection of lamps in the same way as forthe choice of an object of art - do not be afraid to choose something bright or unusual in shape. Sometimes just changing the chandelier can change the whole look of a room. Our opinion:

- If there is only one in the room in the form of a classicchandeliers, then something is clearly wrong. Use ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps. Experiment with shapes and colors, and then the lamp will turn from a simple "light source" into an original decorative element.


it is better to make it either contrasting with the general color of the room or tone-on-tone. These two simple tricks give amazing results, whichever you choose. Our opinion:

- Curtains must be combined with the chosen styleinterior. Color plays an important role. If he echoes the overall scale of the room, it will give the interior a finish. Curtains, contrasting with the decor, will become a bright element of the decor. Warm colors guarantee a cozy living room, cream and brown will add comfort.

Let's play with the textures

The room should be pleasant not only to the eye, butand to the touch. Lie on a fluffy cloak, put a soft pillow under your head, hold your hand over a warm tree ... These tactile sensations are priceless. Experiment with textures, pick up really cozy and comfortable things. First of all pay attention to the cushions, blankets and carpets - they are the easiest to pick.

What is important for you

Souvenir from a trip to the sea, vintage familyrelic, memorable ... There are things that really mean a lot to us. Let at least one such thing, when you look at which you only have positive memories, take its place in the living room.