Small apartments

Wonderful interior of a small apartment in Gothenburg

Chess board - black and white Againattention we offer the interior of a small apartment. Interesting? This apartment is 38 square meters. m is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Not so long ago, it made repairs. There are smaller rooms and design “finds”, embodied in the interior of this apartment, will help to cope with the inconveniences associated with a limited area. A corner with a small bed in it Compact work area and exotic flower Halogen creates a lot of light In the fifties20th century, this house was built, and apartments in it were distributed to medical workers. Doctors live here, so the room seems to be sterile and very bright. Here everything is painted white. But there are also items diluting this color scheme: a small chair in the working area, and a refrigerator. The refrigerator was installed in the room, since the kitchen is only six squares - there is no place. Its metallic colors reflect all the white and natural light from the window, which the designers really liked. Black edging also in the subject Different chairs in the kitchen - the original idea Mirror floor - step into another dimension Unusual paintings, beautiful wall decor Natural freshness is all that is neededcity ​​dweller This small room is divided into several different areas - for guests and sleep. Adjustable lighting is present in both. The miniature kitchen is also well thought out: the furniture and the walls in it are light, and the surface of the washing machine reflects light, like a refrigerator. There is a diverse, which is also regulated. The balcony can be accessed from the kitchen, it offers a beautiful view of the green streets of this city. Maximum space on six meters Ecological variation for eating The green corner on the balcony. The corridor and the bathroom are like a snow-white treatment room in a hospital, but the dark floor transforms them. Tolley wardrobe, toli wall - do not understand Cozy soft walkway in the hallway Modern shower in mirror image Fabulous transparent shower doors Simple - Apartment Plan

We will show you the different techniques for the design of a small apartment:

one.More reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass doors and silver or glossy appliances. They reflect light well and visually. 2.If you have to divide the room into several zones, then use lighting. Want to work in the living room, you need to turn on the light only in it, and in the sleeping area you can make twilight or turn it off altogether. 3. This apartment is very, so it housed all wardrobes for storing things. You need to use every inch of the space of such a small apartment to accommodate all your belongings.