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What should be in the apartment in winter air temperature -


Freezing in the winter in the apartment? Perhaps your management company does a poor job. However, before raising panic, it is worthwhile to figure out how many degrees should be in your apartment in accordance with the norms

To distinguish "cold" from "hot" is quite simple, butHere to understand, what temperature should be in an apartment in a cold season, the task absolutely other level. A separate problem is our family members - we are all different, and each has its own ideal temperature regime. So how do you understand how many degrees the apartment should be in the winter, in what situation should you begin to sound the alarm, and when is it just time to brew hot tea and put on woolen socks?

In accordance with the general norms, the temperature regime in an apartment in winter is distributed as follows:

  • For ordinary rooms +18 degrees;
  • For corner rooms +20 degrees;
  • For bathrooms +25 degrees;
  • The temperature of the radiator itself is a maximum of +35 degrees.

By "ordinary rooms" are most often meant residential areas, intended primarily for rest and sleep. A low temperature in this case helps to quickly fall asleep and feel better.

The question is, how many degrees should be in the apartmentWinter, in itself is ambiguous. After all, if the bedroom is sufficiently +18 degrees, then for a comfortable pastime in the living room and the nursery we will need + 21-22 degrees. And if it is a room for a newborn, then the temperature should be at +24. What should be the temperature in the kitchen, determined primarily by the work of the stove, oven and microwave oven. In other words, the degree must be lowered again.

Norms also allow temperature deviation - 4 degrees "in plus" and 3 "in negative". At night, the temperature range can be slightly wider.

When asked what temperature should be inApartment in the winter period in the event of a heat cut, it is difficult to answer. In accordance with the norms, heating can not be switched off more than 24 hours a month, and longer than 16 consecutive hours. Any deviation from the norm gives you the right to handle claims to the management company.

And in your opinion, what temperature should be in the apartment in the winter?