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Corner apartment without re-planning: repairs for 4 months -

Can an ultramodern functionalThe interior organically live in a neutral gamut? How to make an apartment as comfortable as possible, if redevelopment is prohibited? This and many other things are told by the architects of the bureau za bor, and we are looking at their new project of elite apartments. On the account of za bor - more than fifty realized projects. Their name does not seem to anyone serious, their style is recognizable: the abundance of architectural techniques, complex dynamic forms and exclusive furniture on individual sketches. This time, the architects of the bureau asked the family with a corner apartment in a new building. About how this complex and atypical for the workshop project was born, tell Arseny Borisenko and Peter Zaitsev. Arseny Borisenko and Peter Zaitsev, architects of the bureau za bor The architectural bureau za bor was founded in 2003 by Arseny Borisenko and Peter Zaitsev. Both were born and raised in Moscow, studied at the University of Maryland. Even in the institute, private projects began to be engaged, later they worked in several architectural workshops. For the years of the Bureau's existence dozens of objects have been realized, including apartments, an office building, a cottage community and many offices. Among the clients are large businessmen and industrialists, Forward Media Group, "" etc. A two-bedroom apartment on Leninsky Prospekt was created for a couple with a child. Wishes were very different, among them - a lot of natural materials, in particular wood, and, of course, a sense of spaciousness. The main task of the project was to create such a space for life that would not just please the hosts aesthetically, but would also become a source of comfortable life and daily inspiration. The main difficulty of the project was thatInitially, the planning possibilities were limited - up to the point that it was impossible to change the layout of the premises and their purpose. In such conditions, the work of architects has essentially reduced to decorating, which is very uncommon for the bureau za bor. However, even in such conditions, customers' wishes wereAre taken into account: despite the hard zoning by bearing structures, the transition between the main zones was softened by wooden details in the living room. They also became a spectacular background for technology. In general, all spaces in the apartment were solved in a simple traditional key with the addition of some architectural details that made the interior complete, non-trivial and interesting. The central element of the living room was a complexA wall decorated with glass and wood, near which there is a media group with LED backlighting - the only color element in this monochrome interior. The wall is in close dialogue with the black and white kitchen, built on the contrasts of color and materials - black granite and light wooden facades. Between the two dark walls, visually expanding the space, a snow-white floor is made of travertine, reflecting the light of large windows. Because of this effect, it seems that the floor and the white corner sofa are illuminated from the inside. Arseny Borisenko and Peter Zaitsev, architects of the bureauZa bor: - The logic of life in this project is extremely simple and traditional: just behind a small hallway, separated from the living room (the main and only public zone) by a glass partition, a corridor begins connecting the private areas - a bedroom, a nursery and a large bathroom. As a color solution, a neutral gamma was chosen, since it was intended to use natural materials. A bright element was the LED lights on the console for the TV and the bathroom. Neutral colors and noble naturalMaterials were decided to dilute with light decorative accents - they were the famous Italian pottery Petracer's from the collection of Tango Rock. In the apartment it can be found not only in the bathroom, but also in the hallway and even in the bedroom. In addition, the picture is repeated on the glass in the bathroom and on the glass partitions between the living room and the hallway. So this decorative ornament tied the whole interior together, softened it and made it more inhabited. To enhance the decorative effect, customersPurchased brutal steel lamps. The chandelier was hung in the living room, and the bra - in the bedroom. Together they created a powerful contrast with a simple laconic atmosphere and a neutral color scheme, making the interior alive and filling it with light in every sense. The repair lasted about 4 months. When creating the interior were used: Living room + dining room + kitchen

  • Sofa - Rolf Benz (Germany);
  • Chest of drawers - Interluebke (Germany);
  • Table - Draenert (Germany);
  • Wooden constructions - made to order by the project za bor architects;
  • Technology - Sony (Japan);
  • Dining table - Draenert (Germany);
  • Chairs - Draenert (Germany);
  • Table top and marble table - made to order by za bor architects;
  • Kitchen - SieMatic (Germany);
  • Chandelier - Brand van Egmond (The Netherlands);
  • Floor lamp - Flos (Italy).


  • Chest of drawers - Interluebke (Germany);
  • Bed - Treca Interiors Paris (France);
  • Armchair - Rolf Benz (Germany);
  • Fixtures - Brand van Egmond (The Netherlands).


  • Tiles - Petracer's (Italy);
  • Plumbing - Hansgrohe (Germany).


  • Tiles - Petracer's (Italy).