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Apartment with a black kitchen and a white living room: the standard of Moscow's glamor -


The apartment that we will show you today is brightan example of a style that combines chic, glamor, luxury and at the same time intelligence and just good taste. However, the beauty of this interior is not its only plus. We recommend paying attention to both the layout of the apartment and the arrangement of furniture, they are extremely interesting here. The apartment is located in a building that was decorated in a loft style. It was originally three-room. But after the designer Elena Andreeva got down to business, cardinal changes took place in the space. And everything is for the better. Zoning and layout were made according to the canons of modern designers, taking into account the cardinal points, views from the windows, number of storeys. Elena Andreeva, interior designer, decorator Graduated from the International School of Design. In 2001 she founded the studio Well-Design, which deals with the design of residential premises. The designer had 150 square meters at his disposal. For 10 months the space has been transformed beyond recognition. The apartment has a corner location - its two walls face different directions of the world. One window overlooks the pre-revolutionary building, and the other overlooks the boulevard and park. I decided that this part of the apartment should be used for the living room, kitchen and dining room - the space where the whole family often gathers. It was the beautiful view from the vaulted windows that became a weighty argument in favor of redevelopment. Elena Andreeva Apartment before re-planning After agreementRedevelopment was made literate "transfer" of the kitchen - now in this space is one of the bedrooms. The kitchen itself is moved to the living room area - it became possible due to the fact that the apartment is on the second floor and below it are non-residential premises. Apartment after redevelopment Thus, inliving room, dining room and kitchen have harmoniously "got along" in a single space. In addition, there was a place for a working area. In the second part of the apartment there were three bedrooms. The number of bathrooms has been reduced from three to two. Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Living room areaThe largest area in the apartment is occupied by the living room. It is separated from the dining room and kitchen by a pylon - this is the only load-bearing structural element in the room that visually divides the space. From the very beginning of work on the project, Elena Andreeva wanted to create a classic interior. But in the process of renovation, the idea was transformed into something else - with many original items. The result is an unusual mixture of styles and a successful combination of such seemingly incongruous things. This is a modern interior, although only a couple of items correspond to the spirit of the times. Many accessories refer to the past and history - half-columns, metal heads of Buddhas, a bas-relief with the inscription Alexander Pope, a fragment of a capital on a stand, a vintage chandelier. On the walls in the living room there are very unusual wallpapers that look like aged plaster - it feels like they were found by archaeologists, wiped them off, and a beautiful drawing became visible. Elena Andreeva By the way, according to the designer's idea, the Buddhas were to be placed on the windowsills in the arched openings of the windows, but furniture assemblers, while Elena was absent, put them on semi-columns. Initially, the project planned overall candlesticks to match the chandelier. Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Project author - Elena Andreeva Dining areaThere are many ways. The apartment on Krasnaya Presnya has an amazing piece of furniture - a round dining table made of natural wood with a black rubber rim. The worktop of this piece of furniture matches the floor perfectly. There is a compass on the table that points to different directions of the world: south and north. The designer basically refused to use chairs in the dining area. I immediately decided that there would be chairs here. I wanted to create coziness - so that you could not only have lunch, but also watch TV, read a book, and relax. I chose the chairs for a long time and in the end I opted for the Meridiani. They are large and very comfortable. After all, the kitchen was supposed to be the second place for gathering the family after the living room. Elena Andreeva Also in the dining area, by the window, a wonderful table of the "drum" model has found its place. This is a real relaxation area and a favorite place of the hostess of the house. Here she spends her time looking at the park through a large window, here ideas for new creative projects come. This place, according to the designer, appeared by accident, but with its help it was possible to fill the void with warmth and light. Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Project author - Elena Andreeva Kitchen zoneThe kitchen is made in black, as opposed to the white living room. Despite the restrained classic style, it looks unusual - primarily because of its atypical color for kitchen furniture and for the Russian mentality. Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Project author - Elena Andreeva Master bedroomThis space is decorated in light colors. Almost all of the furniture for this room was purchased from Meridiani. Unlike the restrained living room in its color scheme, bright orange is used here as accents. The bedroom is rather laconic - bed, wardrobe, bedside tables, poufs. Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Bathroom No. 1 Topicblack continued in the bathroom. The designer used the sanitary ware of the Rifra factory - according to the designer, the products of this brand have an optimal combination of cost and aesthetics. Black lacquered furniture in this space looks very stylish and elegant. The tiles on the floor have a rusty effect, which gives this interior a touch of originality. Project author - Elena Andreeva Bedroomteenage girls This is the brightest room in the apartment, it is decorated with fuchsia. It houses modern furniture, fashionable wardrobe systems and a newspaper cabinet. And it seems that the bed is completely without ... legs! The fact is that the room had a critical distance for passage, and so that the bed did not seem to be an obstacle, the designer decided to use this weightless piece of furniture with transparent plexiglass legs. This bedroom has been decorated with wallpaper that looks like old wooden boards - it was chosen by Alena, the owner of the room. I really like the technique when glossy ideal furniture is in the same space with seemingly unsightly objects. This creates a special balance. With this combination, every thing becomes valuable. Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Boy's bedroomA real man's bedroom! The brutal effect is brought in by the wallpaper, which looks so much like a shabby map. The console table is attached to the wall and is an extension of the library - it is custom made. This bedroom has the same armchair as the dining room. The boy is closed, so a room was chosen for Sasha's room, where the window is much smaller than in the girl's room. She, on the contrary, loves to enjoy the view that opens from the window of her bedroom. Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva The author of the project is Elena Andreeva Bathroom No. 2 Boththe bathrooms in this apartment are very spacious. But the most amazing thing about this space is the stunning multi-colored floor. The second such simply does not exist. I made color layouts with the designers. All floor details have been numbered so that there is no repetition and the spread of each color is moderate, without random spots. Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Corridor Corridorruns right through the living room. It connects the public area and the private area. Even here stylish objects "live" - ​​a bas-relief, pendant lamps on chains, a huge "French" mirror in a wooden frame. In addition, this room is located. In all my projects, I really like to hide load-bearing structures. I never put cabinets as such. I like to use built-in storage systems in interiors so that they are an extension of walls and ceilings. Then the space does not look cluttered. Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Author of the project - Elena Andreeva Complete set Living room:

  • Sofa - Baxter;
  • A coffee table, a stand for equipment, the heads of Buddhas - Eichholtz;
  • Mirrors, half-columns - Veranda.


  • Dining table - Morelato;
  • Chairs - Meridiani.


  • Kitchen - Aster Cucine.

Master bedroom:

  • Bed, bedside tables, lamps - Meridiani;
  • Mirrors - Zara Home.

The girl's bedroom:

  • Bed - Veneran;
  • Wallpaper - Wall & Deco.

The boy's bedroom:

  • Bed - Meridiani;
  • Wallpaper - Wall & Deco;
  • Armchair - Meridiani.


  • Plumbing - Rifra.


  • Footwear, storage systems - Bernazzoli.

Tips for creating an interior that combines history and modernity

  • An African mask or a Buddha statue will bring an exotic flavor to your interior. However, such bright accents should not be much. Stop by one or two.
  • Columns and semi-columns can greatly change the proportions of the room. Therefore, do not use these decorative elements in a room with a small area.
  • Bright space is an excellent background for original objects.
  • To create an interior with historical notes, you can use both antiquarian items and successful styling for them.
  • Beauty in details. If you have a small apartment, then do not use voluminous pieces of furniture and accessories. A few small accents are enough to make the interior unique.
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