Aquarium in the interior of the living room - your personal piece of the sea at home

Living room - one of the most sought after premisesin the house, which is the place of gathering of family and friends. In addition to multifunctional and comfortable furniture, this room brings an atmosphere of coziness and friendliness, a successful addition to which can become an aquarium. Harmoniously blending into the surrounding interior, making it unique and modern, it will be the center of attention of both the hosts of the home and their guests. Aquarium in the living roomThe aquarium will be an excellent central elementdecor of your interior. Artificial "particle of the sea", lovingly embodied in the interior, causes the association of calm, pacification and joy. The slow fascinating rocking of green algae, the glitter of the scales of floating fish, the transparency of the water contribute to visual rest and a positive attitude. The aquarium should be located at a height of 1 meterfrom the floor. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, the aquarium in the interior of the living room has a utility function: regularly updated water, the habitat of aquarium inhabitants, is a natural air humidifier. According to statistics, monitoring the aquarium for 5 minutes contributes to the normalization of the pulse, within an hour - the normalization of blood pressure, which is especially felt after a hard day's work. It is proved that the presence in the living room of this "living" decor element treats hypertension, gastric diseases and nervous system disorders. In addition to normalizing physical parameters, the aquarium is an effective way to relieve stress and accumulated fatigue, distracting from restless thoughts, raises the mood, relieves negative emotions. For children this is just a find, as it motivates them to creativity and sense of responsibility.

Criteria for a competent placement of the aquarium in the living room

The arrangement of the aquarium in the niche of the GLK. The choice of the aquarium and its inhabitants is influenced by the nature of the host. So, for calm people the dynamics of the composition and bright design will suit, while for the active representatives of mankind it will be optimal to choose an aquarium with serene, noisy inhabitants and soft colors. The aquarium in the interior can be placed in several variations:

  • along the length of the wall;
  • in the middle of the living room;
  • in a niche or corner.

Using an aquarium, you can divide the room intozone. Sufficiently convenient in the care of the aquarium, placed apart, and its shape can vary from the usual rectangular to the wrong. The design can easily be rearranged to different corners of the room and placed both on the floor and on a stand intended for it, which should be stable in relation to a significant mass of equipment (up to 700 kg or more), be adapted to accommodate the required care accessories. The curvature of the glass can be repeated bends furniture and walls, and the original decoration of the curbstone or lamp to successfully complement the interior of the living room. It is possible to make an aquarium exclusively a center element, around which all the living room components will be equipped. In a large room, a composition of aquariums connected together will look harmonious. Back to contents</a>

Features of the built-in aquarium

A successful solution in the interior is the built-in aquarium, laid in the design of the living room even at the initial stage of construction. The location of the aquarium in the room is feng shui. For this purpose, a separate niche with auxiliary doors is provided, giving a free approach to the communications needed for changing the water. The aquarium in the interior of the living room can be used as a partition for partitioning into zones. In this case, the container from several sides becomes transparent. Since the living room is the place of the greatest concentration of people, one should competently approach the choice of inhabitants of the underwater kingdom. The optimal solution will be the acquisition of representatives of the family of aterinic or carp, since it is these fish that most calmly treat external stimuli, which are people passing by. Also the design (at its own depth of not more than 35 centimeters) can be mounted in a niche or directly in furniture, where it will look like an integral part. The aquarium in the living room does not need to be filled with water and populated with fish. The stony bottom, the branches of the Canadian Elodea and dry seashells - the original composition, creating an atmosphere of comfort and requiring minimal care, is ready. You can use a small suspended aquarium as a wall painting, which will save space and will give the living room its originality due to the regularly updated composition. The aquarium will look like a flat glass tank, mounted in a frame of a wide baguette. Competent placement of the aquarium takes as a basis the fashionable rules of feng shui, stating that the very presence of a water element in the house, symbolizing luck and money, speaks of the harmony that reigns in it. Therefore, the maintenance of the aquarium must be permanent in order to maintain it in sterile purity. Feng Shui recommends placing the aquarium near the aisle or in the angular southeast side. An unfortunate place is considered to be located opposite the doors, between them and under the beams of the ceiling. It is also not recommended to place the aquarium in the direction of the acute angle of any piece of furniture. </ ul>