Organization of space

Arrangement of a room on the balcony: warming and decoration


Lounge area, home gym, greenhouse orPlaying on the balcony? It's possible. Today we will tell you how to make a wonderful transformation of cold meters into an additional room, not only beautifully, but also technically, competently

Balconies and loggias are a source of inspiration forEach citizen and a strategic reserve of useful footage. And let BTI consider it with a lowering coefficient. Any broker knows: the suitable size of the balcony and a good view from the window saved not one deal. To make the living room a full living space is hampered by strict legislation (the subject for a separate publication) and the severe Russian climate. The last trouble is easy to overcome - there are a lot of proposals for the insulation of balconies and loggias on the market. How in them to understand? Define the goal

The use of balconies can be veryA lot: from the dressing room, if it adjoins the bedroom, to the gym. All of them can be conditionally divided into two groups: the union of spaces and the creation of an additional room from the balcony. In the first case, one must bear in mind that the entire demolition of the partition between the room and the balcony, leveling the level of the floor, is not only illegal, but also a dangerous exercise, because the walls of our houses experience a serious structural load.

Any expansion of the balcony aperture and an increaseArches should be done very carefully and consulted with specialists. Option is easier - to abandon the balcony window and door, insulating the outer part. It will turn out to be something like a glass niche. A protruding part of the wall can be used as a bar rack, shelf or table. Tatiana Serova, "Windows into the House":- The most complex technical solutions are required when installing a kitchen and sauna on a balcony or loggia. Both options can never be coordinated in the supervisory authorities. The problem lies in the transfer of the main communications - water, gas and electricity, and most importantly - in exceeding the permissible load on the balcony slab. If you nevertheless decide to put some kitchen elements on an insulated area, remember the rule of the lever from the school physics course: place the heaviest objects close to the wall. Rules of insulation

To use the balcony as a room, you have toGlazed, waterproofed and sealed all surfaces and thoroughly insulated. Engineer-zamerschik, who will come to you to assess the front and cost of work, first of all, must determine whether the existing fence will withstand the load and how it needs to be strengthened. The opinion of the engineer should be decisive. Some balconies, especially in old houses, can not be glazed with a warm method in principle. Tatyana Serova, "Windows in the house":

- For serious insulation of the balcony structureyou need to choose profile systems from 70 centimeters and a double-glazed window. Be very careful when buying underfloor heating: they must be of high quality and reliable, like, for example, Rehau, otherwise you will have to disassemble the finished floor or break out the tiles to detect and fix the breakdown, because the underfloor heating on your balcony will play the role of a battery, and in winter you cannot do without it. But the most common mistake is trying to save money on wall insulation. The largest amount of heat leaves through them - due to the largest area. If your upstairs neighbors prefer to live with a cold balcony, you will have to insulate the ceiling too. A truly warm design is possible only if the balcony or loggia is insulated around the entire perimeter. For the insulation of walls and ceiling today, you canApply dozens of different materials - it all depends on your needs, financial capabilities and features of your balcony or balcony. The only advice that is possible here: carefully consider the opinion of engineers and choose what minimally increases the load on the overlap and "eats" the useful area (the thicker the insulation layer, the more losses in centimeters). Double protection

Owners of one-room apartments and parents,Cramped with a small living space, like to use their balconies under the bedroom or the nursery. Both options are feasible, but will require enhanced protection from both cold and noise. In such rooms should be the same heat and sound insulation, as in any ordinary room, or even better. How to achieve this? Tatyana Serova, "Windows in the house":

- In such cases, we recommend smart windows.For example, the six-chamber Rehau Intelio profile is the "quietest" one today and one of the warmest in the world. The profile allows you to put a glass unit thicker than usual and reduce heat loss by almost half. And if you add to the profile low-emission solar glass with a silver coating, your windows will turn into real climate control: they will prevent the heat from leaving in winter and reflect a fair amount of sunlight in summer. If the balcony faces the sunny side, it will create an optimal atmosphere inside and reduce the cost of air conditioning. The balcony will be even more comfortable than the rest of the rooms. Finish

Serious warming of the balcony will give your imagination andDecorator just a little wider field for activities than any other room. Rough walls are usually covered with a lining or plastic panels or plastered with plasterboard for plastering, wallpaper, imitation of brickwork - no restrictions. The floor also allows a lot of variations: from tiles and laminate to the floorboard. True, to cover the "warm floors" with wood experts still do not recommend: this board quickly deteriorates from elevated temperatures. It is better to give preference to less whimsical material. Capabilities

10-15 years ago, attached balconies andThe loggias were used mainly to expand the adjoining room or as an all-season workshop. But tastes change, and with them the "balcony fashion". Yana Lapko, interior designer:

- Now everything depends on the size of the premises. If the area of ​​the apartment is large and the loggias are somewhat, then they are left cold or make light insulation. If the area of ​​the apartment is small (studios and one-room apartments), then clients usually express the desire to attach it, insulate it and use it as a functional space. Most often, customers are asked to arrange a recreation area there - especially if a beautiful view or office opens from the balcony or loggia.

Just behind the "arbor for cozy reflections" andThe home office in the popularity rating is a sports ground. Well, if a city fan of a healthy lifestyle has a park nearby. And if not? You have to create it yourself. Exercise machines on the balconies are precisely set not to be used as a hanger - the procedure of warming is too complicated.

Further on the list - playroom, bedroom, winter garden anda lot of other options that can only come to mind. If you're lucky with the size of the balcony, he can be entrusted with several roles at once, as in the case of the apartment, which is currently being designed by the designer Yana Lapko. Yana Lapko, interior designer:

- We created a multifunctional openSpace: hallway-bedroom-living room-loggia. The last in the list is not the last role. There were more than 5.5 meters. Losing them like a utility room would be just silly. As a result, we placed a desktop and an additional surface there, covering the ledge of the balcony block with a table top. This is very convenient - there is where to decompose the documents, put a second monitor or other additional equipment. All you need is at hand. From the living room on the ledge is a black battery, which emphasizes the individuality of the interior. And on the other hand, there was a roomy dressing room. So thanks to the insulation we won a serious part of the useful footage and decided several problems at once.