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How to hide a bed in a small apartment: a real example

How, without sacrificing comfort, to save space? It would seem that the task is not from the lungs, when it comes to a small area. Today, with the example of the interior of the existing apartment, we will show the perfect variant of a compact bed arrangement

Typical apartment in the residential quarter of Antwerpthanks to the efforts of the architectural bureau Van Staeyen interieur architecten has transformed into a very interesting space for two. The non-standard layout and functional approach to interior design became the key features of a two-room apartment. Let's be frank, the idea of ​​the architect and designer, the Belgian Johan van Staeyen (Johan van Staeyen) is not new, it's a more detailed continuation of the theme of the capsule spaces that come from Japan. But the main difference between this project, called MAt, from existing places for recreation in offices or hotels is the integration of the capsular structure in the home space. Johan Van Stein, Architect and Designer After several years of professional activity, he decided in 2001 to open his own studio. The ideological inspirer and founder of the architectural bureau Van Staeyen Interior. Known for a number of successfully implemented projects in the design and reorganization of spaces, which inherent features such as marginal functionality and minimalism.


In accordance with the wishes of the apartment owners,who wanted to maximally expand a small space, work on the interior began with the redevelopment of the premises. The walls were moved to the conventional housing center, thus dividing it into two more or less equivalent parts. The interior partition, surprisingly, was a compartment of the bathroom with a shower and a washbasin. The toilet, apparently, was taken outside the apartment.


The original layout did not imply an implementationideas "at home in the house," but in the course of the work this idea took shape. What does "house in the house" mean? Being people talented and drawing inspiration in the world around, the designers of the bureau decided to partially recreate the image of the classic alpine chalet-house in the interior elements. Directly capsular construction and became this "chalet" inside the private zone for the hosts.


The Belgian-Alpine "chalet" is, in fact,A spacious wardrobe built into the wall from floor to ceiling. The main difference from an ordinary closet is the double seat made in the central part. The interior of the capsule is a veneer of pine plywood, the color of which harmoniously shades the textured lamp - a cozy house of its own. The lowest lower drawer, the same step, provides easy access to the sleeping place. "Is our


There is, but this, in addition to saving space,gives additional advantages. 18 compartments, including the sleeping area, are able to store almost all the necessary things of the owners. Thus, using a multifunctional console, the guys avoided piling up excess furniture. We assume that the owners who decide on bold metamorphoses in the arrangement of an apartment are people of a creative profession. The wooden countertop-sill serves as an alternative to the desktop, perfectly in harmony with the flooring of the treated board. Element of ecological style is complemented by the opposite wall from the cabinet, photo wallpapers on which are stylized under trees. The second room is a living room, in it there is a bookcase hovering above the wooden floor and a table top under the windows and a wall, similar to the first room.


As such, there are no decor elements in the apartment,designers decided to focus on color. Contour lines in red dilute the white cabinet and the interior door, drawing the joints of the compartments and decorating the door jamb with a handle accordingly. The same way of decorating the doors is seen in the second room, the color is green. The passage bath is filled with yellow epoxy (polymeric fill) floors and plumbing.

Our opinion:

- At the moment there are a number of waysget a capsule bed. From the simplest - the search and purchase of the finished structure, before making it to order in accordance with the individual preferences of the owners and the size of the apartment. Do not reinvent the wheel, you can use the finished projects, changing the appearance and the materials used if desired. Most companies for making custom furniture will help with the development and implementation of your idea.,