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How celebrities live: the interior of the apartment of the leading radio Mayak


What to do if you do not want to return to the dullRentable apartment, to Brezhnev crystals and the Finnish wall? Repair of course! This is how the leader of the radio station "Mayak" Vera Kuzmina, whom we visited,

"What all green!"Is the first thought that arises when you cross the threshold. Theoretically, in such circumstances, the skin of the face should acquire an olive shade. Nothing like this! The popular myth is immediately broken about the reflection in the mirror opposite the front door. The complexion is fresh and summer, as he should be. The tall smiling hostess who meets us at the entrance herself is like a cheerful sunny spirit. Runs into the room and points to a cactus on the wall with large drops of rain on the fleshy leaves. Vera Kuzmina, host of Mayak radio station:- It all started with this photo. This is something like a photo wallpaper covered with a plastic film. At first, a cactus grew, and from it there was already a general color scheme. When I brought the buckets of paint home, I wanted to run my hands up to my elbows in them - that was the feeling of impatience. Friends and family thought that this bright and characteristic color would quickly bore me. And he makes me happy for two years. The renewable source of my life energy, the solar battery. Cactus battery, or rather. Here it is, "color therapy" in action. Vera didn't need a designer. The author of all the cheerful decorations is herself. Vera Kuzmina, host of the Mayak radio stationBorn on Radio Day - May 7. Perhaps it was this lucky star in May that brought the young lawyer, a graduate of the Russian State Social University, from the prosecutor's office to the Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting, and from there - straight to Mayak. Vera hosts the show "Vera, Nadezhda, Alexey" with Alexey Veselkin, "Profiteroles" with Yevgeny Stakhovsky and the author's program "Addresses of Mercy" with Alexander Vetrov. Loves summer; travel to countries that everyone has heard of, but where no one has been; fried rice with egg and ketchup; and "when there is peace in the whole world", of course. Organization of space In fact, these 32 meters of summer inspiration does not belong to Vera. The apartment is rented. Hence the approach to repair work -. But so as to return home with pleasure - both after a long day at work and after an exotic trip. Vera got the owners “with understanding” - they allowed her to get rid of the old situation and do whatever she wanted in the apartment. Vera Kuzmina, presenter of the Mayak radio station:

- It was very gloomy and stuffy.A small apartment from wall to wall is filled with objects from the 70s and 80s: a Finnish wall, bulky Soviet crystal, a glass "chandelier with pendants", old squeezed chairs. There is literally nowhere to turn. Mom could not stand it first and said: stop suffering, finally make a repair! Indeed, it was such a good idea! I threw everything out, took down a piece of the wall that separated the tiny kitchen from the corridor, and the mezzanine above it. And finally she was able to breathe. Breathes in such a space reallyGreat. We go out onto the balcony and look out - in front of us is a yard the size of a football field, entirely planted with trees. The green-green apartment is very suitable for the famous "bagel" from Dovzhenko Street. They seem like-minded - not so much stylistically, as in spirit. At one time, the architect Stamo and the engineer Markelov also came up with an impressive but budgetary project, a monumental proof that, if desired, "candy" can be made even from "Khrushchev." They took advantage of the permissible error in laying the panels at six degrees and thus the house was looped. Even now the building looks unusual and interesting. And in the 70's? It is not hard to guess that in the run-up to the Olympics-80 such houses were planned to build five. But practicality won - stopped at two. The facilities turned out to be cumbersome, expensive to maintain and not particularly convenient. Vera Kuzmina, host of Mayak radio station:- I really like this house, yard, greenery around. But I must admit that it is just a nightmare to renovate. There is not a single straight wall and right angle. All apartments are trapezoidal. That is, in order to neatly and according to the rules to build furniture here, you need to sacrifice the usable area and, accordingly, remove the walls. I, of course, did not do this. Therefore, the master who came to install me a corner kitchen, bought at IKEA, suffered for a very long time, endlessly calculating and adjusting the countertop and lower cabinets. As a result, everything worked out great for him. Details Everything is in the kitchen too. Lamp.Cutlery. Pepper mill. Dishes. Even apples in a vase, and those are "simirenko". Most of the accessories are gifts from friends. The hunt for the "correct" color over time has turned into an exciting quest for Vera's entourage. Then, Vera confesses, “let go” a little. And then a new hero appeared on the light green scene - a sofa in the country style of the color "polygraphic red", or magenta. Vera Kuzmina, host of Mayak radio station:- Here it all started not with color, but with form. I saw at the wonderful Russian firm Woodcraft a couch with a wooden base, which reminded of summer terraces, the south and holidays. And when I realized that it is also easy to unfold - you must have a sleeping place for guests! - the issue was finally resolved. Then I chose a color from the catalog - a very suitable one, right? Well, then pots and other details were found ... There is no table as such in the kitchen, so there is a lot of free space in the tiny room. Vera herself has enough of a small side table. And for guests a special folding structure from IKEA is assembled: in the intervals between the visits of visitors, it "rests" on the balcony. A modest two-burner stove and a small refrigerator - more is not required here. Storage Vera Kuzmina, presenter of the radio station"Lighthouse": - My friends say that I live in a closet. And this is true! At first I wanted, as is usually done in such cases, to make a large built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors. But it was a pity for both the place and the feeling of the air. So it turned out like this. It is very convenient to choose your clothes in the morning. It stimulates the maintenance of order - there would be doors, there would be a mess inside. And now I remove what the eye falls on - and it turns out to maintain a neat look without much effort. This system of metal slats is generally a very practical thing: all compartments and shelves can be easily changed and moved by yourself, depending on your needs. An open wardrobe is the most important decor elementthe only room in the apartment. Like a colorful carpet, it breaks the green solidity of the walls. For convinced "rags" with a modest living space, this is the only opportunity to get their own, and even settle in it. For happiness to be complete and final - a mirror "upright". Vera specially ordered it from the Moscow Mirror Factory. Finishing None really expensivethere is no finishing material in this green kingdom. Simple home-made doors, on the walls - paintable wallpaper, on the floor - a light laminate, laid directly on the old covering, on the ceiling - white paint. Even in the bathroom, we managed to do without tiles: we settled on plastic panels with a funny geometric pattern. Green and white, of course. At first Vera tried to find textiles for the windows, but then she abandoned it in favor of light translucent rolls - she was afraid that serious fabric curtains would disturb the amazing lightness and freshness of her home. Here are the photos made, the questions asked, the storiesTold and retold, and we all can not say goodbye to the hostess. Already through the threshold, Vera calls to come again. I thought how good it would be to come to such a house in winter: to shake off the snow from my coat, remove my boots and caps from the eyes, drink green tea in a cactus room and chat about vacation in some distant warm country where no one else is familiar Was, but Vera probably already was. When creating the interior were used:

  • Mesh flexible storage system - Elfa (Sweden);
  • Bed, chairs, floor lamps, carpet, shelf in the hall, armchair in the room, bed linen and kitchen - IKEA (Sweden);
  • Sofa - Woodcraft (Russia);
  • A large mirror in the bedroom and a mirror in the hallway - "The Moscow Mirror Factory" (Russia);
  • Refrigerator Atlant (Russia);
  • Cutlery Vialli Design (Italy-Poland).

How to create a bright interior with minimal tools - Roomble recommendations:

  • Choose a base color - bright and optimistic, but light in tone. Even painting the walls from floor to ceiling will create a feeling of unity and ease even in the most modest space in the area.
  • Gently add individual colors and hues to the main tone with small spots. It can be one or two pieces of furniture, individual parts or accessories, textiles.
  • Finishing materials must "work" onThe main color and do not contradict it. In small spaces, white is best for this. Even the simplest materials, if they correspond to each other, can look "expensive" and stylish.
  • Use the idea of ​​an open cabinet. It has not yet become widespread in Russia, but it is very popular in Europe, especially in Scandinavia. For small rooms, this is often real salvation.
  • Before beginning any alterations on a modest squareThink about what items you really need, and without which you can easily do without. The best is multifunctional furniture: folding sofas, modular cabinets, etc. For example, if you do not like cooking - save space at the expense of kitchen appliances, if you prefer dry cleaning - choose a small washing machine.
  • Mirrors change the perception of space - use them and arrange around the house in accordance with the objectives and size of the room.
  • Photos made by Andrey Cordelan