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How the designers live: a dark apartment in Milan

Consider dark interiors dark and unfitfor life? Or maybe you just do not know how to use dark shades correctly? We will show you a stylish, charming apartment in Milan, the example of which can learn a lot. The interior created by Italian design studio Dordoni Architetti for Milanese fashion designer Maurizio Pecoraro, a priori, can not be capricious, elegant, refined and demanding. Italians simply have to embody in their works a special subtlety and perform them in the best traditions of Florentine masters using expensive materials and fancy techniques. Designers apartment, apparently inspired by the works of Velikogo Mikelandzhelo Merisi da Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio) - unsurpassed masters of the Italian Baroque and the founder tenebrizma - also decided to experiment with contrasts, chiaroscuro and predominance of dark colors over light.

Play of light

The main task of the game started with light in thisThe apartment is an emphasis on the effect of naturalism, as did the great maestro. Here, each element is correctly illuminated and as if highlighted with light, while easily casting its outlines on the bewitching surface of the concrete floor. Particular attention is paid here to natural light, and its abundance in the apartment is provided by a large number of carefully set windows. The presence of glossy and opaque surfaces also continues the game of chiaroscuro, where some relentlessly reflect the incoming light, while others eagerly absorb it. Incredibly and exquisitely, the gloss of ceramics from Fornasetti looks, however, like every corner of these luxury apartments. Our opinion: - If you still had the courage to create a dark interior, first of all take care of enough light, so that space does not depress you. The windows should let out a lot of sunlight, for this purpose choose curtains from a light translucent fabric or at all refuse them. And the lamps should not be directed towards the walls, because dark shades absorb light. In addition to the main source of artificial lighting, it is necessary to choose additional and in the form of floor lamps, sconces, table lamps, to highlight the main areas and the most important items.

Unusual arrangement

Location of furniture and accessories in the apartmentsFashion designer is more like the arrangement of theatrical scenery, where each subject, element and even the most insignificant detail seem to be underlined and individual. Especially considering the fact that the apartment used furniture such iconic designers like Charles and Ray Imzy (Charles & Ray Eames), Arne Jacobsen (Arne Jacobsen), Zhan Pruve (Jean Prouvé), Franco Albini (Franco Albini), and Joe Ponti (Giò Ponti).

In a dark dark room ...

Gray walls and polished concrete floor justTighten the depth of their color and give incredible drama to the space. In this dark and mysterious interior, only barely perceptible accents of life-affirming colors prevent the space from finally plunging into the abyss of infinite gray gloss. And speaking in general, this is a very refined and refined work. A green stand with flowers, peacefully standing on a table among the elegant realm of dark luxury, as if symbolizing the creative shoots of the future projects of the owner of the apartment. Our opinion: - As you have already noticed, the dark interior can be revived with the help of several bright decor elements. Against this background, the color will look quite different, even more expressive and effective. Especially good looking objects of unusual shape and with an interesting textured surface. The vase, the lamp, the picture will perfectly suit the role of the color accent.,, Molteni & Motta