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How to make a classic interior fashionable: a black and white solution

How to turn a simple house into a style reference withwith an elegant combination of black and white? How to create coziness in a cold mansion? How to find beauty in simple things? You will find the answers to your questions in the article Today we will look at the Polish designer and decorator Maya Krajewska, who is the owner of a wonderful mansion in Warsaw. The mansion is located in the historic district of Warsaw and is a true example of classical European architecture. Maya redeveloped the mansion and designed it according to her ideas of what a truly beautiful classic-style house should be. Maya Krajewska Owner of Square Space Concept Store & Interior Design We have not seen such a surprisingly harmonious interior for a long time. Everything is in its place, elegance and style are hidden in every vase and in every armchair. It is a pleasure to live in such a house. Most importantly, this is a very simple and straightforward interior. No design delights and visual overkill - this house is truly elegant and bright in a European style. Of course, this was largely due to the aristocratic, but at the same time cozy atmosphere, perfectly matched furniture and accessories. Most of them are produced by a Dutch factory.

Hall and living room

Pay attention to the comfort level, whichcreated in the house. The house is decorated in the style of English classics of the late XX century, with light notes of the American colonial style, but European interior trends can be traced even in the classically correct zoning. The interior is dominated by white, black andshades of lilac. This creates an atmosphere of calm and dimensionality in the house. Morning coffee in such a living room has its own unrivaled taste and aroma.


Next to the living room, near the kitchen and dining room, Maya made an office. Its windows face the garden. In a small room a lot of light, it is well ventilated.

Kitchen and dining room

With all the elegance of the interior, the kitchen in the house is very ergonomic and functional. The dining room in the kitchen and the dining room in the central area of ​​the house are verified to the smallest detail. Classics is a classic.


The bedroom is dominated by noble shades of grayand lilac. There is practically no black. White is in the details. A wide comfortable bed, a glass bedside table, a small work desk with a comfortable chair - all this is available for implementation in any home and even apartment. And this is how the house looks from the street. If it was not located in Warsaw (Poland), one would think that this is a modest English mansion on one of the London or Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) streets. Our opinion:- We liked the amazing simplicity, lack of pretentiousness and the pleasant atmosphere of the house. If some expensive materials were used to decorate the house, then this does not protrude. Everything looks modest, but very beautiful.