How to make a staircase stunning: 25 best examples

Often a ladder is considered only functionalElement of the house, forgetting about the decor. But the bright steps or the special organization of the staircase space can become an ornament of the whole interior. Today, let's look at how to make a staircase unique. One has only to think about the aesthetic potential of the staircase, as a lot of ideas come to mind, from the simplest decor to the real architectural finds. Even the most daring solutions can be realized, preserving the reliability and safety of the structure.

Flying gait

It is a pleasure to climb a light ladder without connecting bars and handrails. The effect of "take-off" on the required floor is created. Having refused from the railing, you can disguise the ladder in space.

Rest zone

As a rule, stair flights are usedOnly for moving on floors. But why not turn this zone into a working space or, conversely, into a recreation area? The place under the stairs can create the illusion of rest under the roof of the attic and become a cozy personal corner.

Multi-colored lifting

The easiest way to make a ready-made staircaseGorgeous - paint it. You can choose one bright color or paint stairs with a fashionable effect ombre. It will look great contrast geometric pattern or traditional ornament, for example, Scandinavian or Moroccan. Our opinion: - To draw an even pattern, use a stencil. In addition to the paint for the decor, mosaic tiles, wallpapers with prints or carpets are suitable. If you use wallpaper and tiles from other rooms, the staircase will emphasize the uniformity of the entire interior.

Motivational decor

The staircase is a symbolic element of the interior. Moving up the stairs can become a motivating home ritual. Write an inspirational quote or nice words as you go up and enjoy them every time. You can support such decor with a similar decoration of the walls or add prints with citations in the interior textiles.

Storage space

If the main function of the ladder is addedAn additional appointment for storing things, can turn out beautifully and useful. The main thing is not to be afraid of the most non-standard solutions, then bicycles will be able to act as decor. In addition, on the staircase there is often room for bookshelves - why not use it.

Bright accent

Turning the ladder out of the necessary elementThe connection of the floors in the bright accent of the interior is a great idea. Many people want to make the stairs invisible, but you can do the opposite. Bright background, asymmetrical steps, unusual lighting will turn the ladder into the main "heroine" of the entire interior. Our opinion: - Having decided to make unusual steps, pay attention to the staircase march. The height and width of each step should be comfortable and safe. The main function of the ladder must be preserved, otherwise it risks becoming an art object.