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How to make a narrow room lighter: 10 faultless tricks -


Narrow rooms look gloomy mainly because ofLack of light. What if you need to cook, take guests, rest in a room like this? Proven methods of correcting the problems of premises - in our article Typical layout of apartments often sin such "bottlenecks." With a dark, elongated corridor, you can still put up with it, trying to just run it faster, but a tight bedroom or kitchen simply requires decisive action to return to the harmony space. We will look at examples of how to correct design flaws with simple and effective means.


Let's just say, a narrow dark corridor is not an exception, but the norm of our apartments. Looks sad in the daytime, and at night scares? We will try to correct it.

Light in the distance

If the only light spot in the corridorGets there from the room into which it comes out, or the window at the end - this must be emphasized. Put a carpet on the floor, a catching sight and leading it to the light.

Exhibition of Achievements

If you read our articles, the techniques of visualExpand the space and extract the maximum from the minimum of light you must already remember by heart: light colors, the use of mirrors, various lighting scenarios. These are good ideas, but the main thing is to use them carefully. For example, mirrors on both sides of a narrow corridor will turn it into a mirror labyrinth in the amusement park, and a mirror at the end will make you shudder every time you see your reflection from the corner of your eye. We offer one more way: make a close corridor in your personal gallery, having hung on the walls of a picture or a photo with illumination. In addition, from the glossy surface will reflect the light of the ceiling lights, making the room more joyful. Our opinion: - Install interior doors with glass inserts. So the light will penetrate into the dark corners. If possible - think about hacking additional windows, at least quite small, under the ceiling, in the narrowest and darkest rooms.


Light in the kitchen is just necessary - and for peace of mind, and for the convenience of work. What to do if the layout steals his last crumbs?

Arrangement of furniture

Выбирайте планировку так, чтобы ничто не obscured the light. If the window is located at the end of the room, the arrangement of furniture along both walls is suitable for you, if the source of natural light is on the longer side, equip the kitchen "in a row", with the location of equipment and surfaces on one wall, and under the window arrange a sink or a small dining area ...

Light and color

The color of kitchen furniture is even more important than the color of the walls -Furniture is more visible. Therefore, it is desirable that it reflects light - give preference to clean, bright and smooth surfaces, without unnecessary hardware. Built-in lighting will emphasize them very effectively, if the natural is not enough.

Living room

The narrow living room seems like a hopeless example of a planning lacking in harmony, but do not forget that the light sculpts the shape of space as a sculptor. So, there is a chance to fix it.

Game of Reflections

Decorating with mirrors is very appropriate, but that's it.try not to overdo it. Better to use glass tables and glossy surfaces wisely so that they reflect light. TV, by the way, also counts. But only in the off state.

Cool Tones

The white color of the walls is not a panacea. Look closely at the gentle and cold shades of blue and green - mint, sky-blue. They not only soothe and pacify, but also make the uneasy space lighter and more harmonious.

Open windows

Try to abandon the curtains. Unusual reception, but in the Scandinavian design is often found, and the northern countries can not complain of excessive light.


Permutation of furniture here will not save, usually the entire narrow bedroom is occupied by a bed. Light from the window is rarely enough to compensate for the inconvenience. What to do?

Contrast solutions

Simple psychological and visual effect -If the end wall in a narrow room is darker than the side wall, the space seems more harmonious, and therefore more light. In the role of attracting attention, the emphasis in the narrow part can also come from the head of the bed.

Soft light

A bulky chandelier is out of place here - betterComplement the small ceiling light with wall sconces and reading lights. If you want to be in the bedroom, think of lamps that simulate dawn as an alarm clock.

Minimum of details

Of the two rooms - decorated with décor and reservedThe second one will appear lighter. When there is little light, it is better not to create unnecessary obstacles for him. Expressiveness can be created and modest means - the main thing is that all details emphasize your individuality.