How to make a small bathroom attractive

Can a small bathroom look stylish? How to make it as functional as possible and at the same time beautiful? This was told us by designer Julia Kirpicheva. A small bathroom - no problem! So the interior designer Julia Kirpicheva thinks. On duty, she constantly faces apartments, where the bathroom is only a few square meters. In some cases, it can be increased at the expense of other premises, and in some cases you can not touch the layout. What to do in such cases? About his tricks in the work tells Julia Kirpicheva. Julia Kirpicheva, interior designer Julia is often published on our resource. A more detailed study of her biography is possible.

1. The point of focus

In a small room is very important focal point -point of focus. Having created it, you visually expand the space, distract from the small dimensions of the room. The point of focus can be the layout of the tiles in the shower, the mirror in an interesting frame, the slab of marble on one of the walls - there is no limit to the imagination.

2. Suspended plumbing

In a small bathroom it will be appropriatelook hanging plumbing, it not only saves space, but also does not look visually cumbersome. All because it uses a hidden type of installation to install it. In addition, this kind of plumbing has a wide range of models - you can choose it for any style and taste. Our opinion: - If you are worried that the suspended plumbing is too unreliable, then here is an interesting fact: the suspended toilet bowl can withstand an average load of 400 kilograms.

3. Matt surfaces on the floor

As you know, in the bathroom water on the floor - frequenta phenomenon, for example, after washing hands or taking a shower. That's why it's best to choose a matt tile that does not slip, unlike glossy. And the latter is because of this traumatic. Our opinion: - Applying a matt floor covering, you also avoid glare on the floor, which are undesirable in a small bathroom.

4. Non-standard combinations

Get out of the ordinary and make a small designThe bathroom is more attractive due to unusual combinations of facing materials. Try experimenting with different collections and types of tiles - combine marble and granite, a classic collection of tiles and modern. For example, on one wall you can use one collection, and on the opposite - another. Create a wah-effect will help with a combination with a combination of incongruous. Especially if the room is small. Effective compositions you will distract attention from small dimensions of the room.

6. Effective illumination

The necessary visual effects can be created withusing LED lights. It is not necessary to choose them white in color. Make a variety in the style of your bathroom and buy colored lamps - they will vary the atmosphere in the interior. Highlight the sink and mirror. Install a pair of fixtures at a distance of 60-80 centimeters from each other on the sides of the mirror. So the lamps will reflect from the mirror and illuminate the face. The LED ribbon is located under the sink - this will create the effect that the shell is floating in the air. The mirror can also be illuminated from behind. To do this, mount the LED strip on the back of the mirror. The distance between the wall and the mirror should be at least three centimeters. Such background illumination well approaches for a close premise - visually it will expand and evenly will shine the face.

7. Security

Often in the bathrooms installed washingmachines, store and use some electrical appliances, for example, hair dryers. If you are using any technique related to current supply, always be careful and remember that electrical appliances used in bathrooms must be waterproof and meet safety requirements., part of the photo is provided by Julia Kirpichevoy