The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Ascetic family apartment with concrete ceiling -

Have you ever wondered how modern livingVietnamese? But we are concerned about this issue and came to the conclusion that wealthy people around the world are furnishing their homes in about one key - minimalist

This apartment in the capital of Vietnam Hanoi ownerswanted to see both functional and not too different from their previous homes. To achieve the task, the kitchen was decided to be connected to the living room. This move also made it possible to organize a dining area at a sufficient distance from the living room.

The kitchen turned black and glossy. In the living room, the ceiling and one of the walls were washed to the concrete, the floor was covered with a dark tree and a gallery of children's drawings was hung on the wall.

The bedroom, connected to the bathroom with a wooden wardrobe, is absolutely white. The only color spots are a wooden console and a pedestal under the TV.

The child is as restrained as the restrooms, bright and extremely functional. In our opinion, this kind of interiors are ideal for urban residents using their home as a space for comfortable meeting their daily needs - sleep, breakfast, a couple of small businesses and preparing for classes for schoolchildren. The main events in such families take place outside the home: work, study, active recreation and entertainment.