Organization of space

How to decorate an interior for a preschooler: 7 tips and examples

How to create a magic space for a childPreschool age, so that he feels comfortable and safe? What furniture, interior color, lighting? Where to store toys? How to provide a place for rest, sleep? Make out the children's room taking into account the age, gender and personal preferences of the child. Do not take your growing child as an adult. It's a kid, so you do not need to buy furniture for him to grow up and create too serious a situation in his room.

Rest zone

When choosing furniture, be guided by the basicthe rule: it must be of high quality, safe and comfortable. Give preference to models with rounded corners. Choose only the most essential pieces of furniture and remember that they should not be bulky. This is especially true if the nursery is not too large and at the same time several children live in it. Buy a crib with protective bumpers and an orthopedic base: this way the baby's body will be in the right position, which is important for his health. Don't forget about the decor. The boy will go to bed with great pleasure if his crib is designed in the form of a car or a ship. But girls love canopy beds like princesses.

Storage systems

If the nursery is small, give preferencecompact chest of drawers. If the space allows, put also a closet with hangers and shelves, because babies usually have more things than adults: clothes, toys, books, drawing supplies and other little things. Use large wicker boxes and small boxes with removable textile covers in your interior design: they can hold many toys and other gizmos.

Working Corner

Provide a place for the table, because the childwill definitely draw and play board games. Choose models with height adjustment. This option is very convenient. You can change the height of the table as your baby grows, so that his posture remains correct. In order to save space, pay attention to models with drawers and a superstructure: this will also use the space above the table. Choose only high quality hinges and accessories to avoid damage. After all, children do everything with special zeal, and they will often use boxes. Don't forget about a comfortable chair.

Games on the floor

Children like to play on the floor, so bed onIt is comfortable, soft, safe and warm with a short nap. It is important that it is hypoallergenic. Design and color solution, choose in accordance with the general style of space. These can be your favorite cartoon characters or beautiful flowers, butterflies, etc. Remember: the situation in the baby's room should be interesting and fun.

Color spectrum

Choose for children's bright, but not variegated gamut. The dominant color is neutral, pastel shades: peach, apricot, marshmallow, mint, light blue, beige. Diversify it easily with the help of bright accessories and furniture. Make more juicy accents in the play area, and at the rest place let the dominant colors prevail.


The main lighting should be in such a roombright enough, but not dazzling eyes. Preference is given to the ceiling light, and not the expensive hanging chandelier with glass pendants. Above the crib hang a closed ceiling. In the zone of games, install the sconce.


As the child grows, so does his curiosity.First of all, you need to hide the sockets from it. In hardware stores, special plugs are sold for this purpose. If possible, arrange furniture so that the power outlets are out of sight of children. Preschoolers are very fond of showing independence, therefore, in order to avoid injuries, install a door closer on the door, and it makes sense to glue rubberized corners on its sharp corners. It is not recommended to install a computer or TV in the nursery. It is known that radiation emanates from them, and vision deteriorates. Our Opinion Allow children to express their individuality and release their energy without harm to their health. Find activities for them depending on their mood and character. Do not be afraid to create a fairy tale for your children, and then they will grow and develop in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. In the preschooler's room, leave as much free space as possible for outdoor games: nothing should interfere with the child's movement.

Tips for organizing space

  • Organize the space of the children's room as much as possible. Divide it into zones for sleep and for games.
  • Place the cradle in a dark place withmuted light. If the area allows, use partitions, if not, then a screen or curtains. It is important to create a comfortable sleeper, protected from external stimuli. So, it will be appropriate to wallpaper with a starry sky and a good wizard.
  • To store sleeping accessories and things, use the bedside space.
  • The game zone is arranged in the lighter part of the room. So the baby will be calmer.
  • Sports elements in a preschool child are needed invery limited quantity. Do not install many rings, ropes, ladders. For children of this age, only one small ladder is sufficient. Despite their increased activity, most of these items they ignore.
  • Kids, as you know, like to paint everywhere. So buy a special large drawing board or cover the furniture surface with a washable laminate.
  • If the family has two same-sex children with a smallthe difference in age, it is easier for them to organize a common space, because they have similar interests and the rhythm of life. In this case, bunk beds are suitable. When children have a difference of more than 3 years, it is advisable to place them in separate rooms or to zonate space so that everyone has their own personal space.