On the verge of risk: 4 houses on the edge of the earth


What is it like to live in the middle of a forest, on a cliff orThe lake itself? These houses break our ideas about rest and home cosiness, but at the same time give dreams of incredible adventures and new discoveries. Would you be able to relax your soul while standing on a cliff? And to admire the storm while drinking cocoa? Or each time to overcome a suspension bridge to just get into the house? The owners of these houses enjoy extreme sports in its strangest form - they live "on the edge of the Earth".

Above the precipice

This house, like a giant beast, climbedThe Nova Scotia slope and froze, admiring the Atlantic Ocean. A simple design of the correct geometric shape hangs over the rocky cliff, leaning against a metal beam. The creators of this project, the studio MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, gave the house on the precipice quite a predictable name - Cliff House. Cliff House can hardly be called a cozy familyNest, but there really is a family - just infrequently. The house on the precipice serves the extreme family as a seasonal refuge, where stress and anxiety go away with the morning mist and dissolve in the ocean. The interior filling of the house is also minimalistic and restrained, as well as external - the Cliff House inside and outside is sheathed with natural wood. The interior here is the most urban one - loft. Most likely, the owners of the house reallyHave become accustomed to the industrial romance of the metropolis, where they live most of the time, because even on vacation, surrounded by rocky hills and big water, they can not give up straight lines, minimalist decor and absolute functionality. However, the owners are not afraid of nature - the windows here are panoramic and devoid of any curtains.

Forest hut

Another house on the precipice is built for seasonalRest of the hospitable American family by studio MW Works Architecture. "Forest hut" perched on the very edge of the cliff of Washington's Puget Sound district. Due to its eco-friendly finish, the Casa Inlet Retreat easily merges with the green environment and even allows you to penetrate the rampant nature inside the structure. Huge panoramic windows in combination withMinimal artificial lighting create a feeling of permanent presence in a living forest. Here, direct sunlight simply can not penetrate through thick green crowns. And the world at the very ground is in constant penitence. Most likely this house is frequented by visitors. Private and public areas here are divided more than thoroughly. The bedrooms firmly hold on to the ground and are lined with natural cedar wood. The combined living room consists of glass and concrete and hangs over the abyss.

On the lake

What if he is an inveterate mushroom picker, and she livesCan not without water and speed? Build a house, of course! Architectural studio Andersson-Wise connected on the coast of Texas Lake Austin two elements - land and water. To get into the "vacation house" of a multifaceted family, you need to cross the bridge suspended above the ravine. And from the window of this house you can jump right into the lake. The project, named Lake House, is based onBeams and built in such a way that the water transport loved by the owners could be stored directly under the floor. The interior of the house is made in a dark tree, which creates an additional sense of coolness. In this project, not only two elements joined together and several people with different hobbies, but also two seemingly completely incompatible phenomena - adventure and architecture.

Open elements

This house is created for sentimental romantics. The whole of its western part is open to view and represents a huge observation deck specially designed for contemplating the sunset. However, in addition to the visual delights of the hosts, there is also a feeling of complicity with the elements. The house is located on a rocky coastAtlantic Ocean and is almost in a constant state of struggle for life. Changing seasons, periods of storms, hurricane winds and temperature changes entertain the hosts cleaner than the evening news. Probably, that's why the interior here is minimalistic, laconic and ultra-modern. The construction of the house is designed in such a way thatTo weather any weather phenomena and provide the owners with comfortable conditions for staying in the most "non-flying" weather. Most likely in such a house will be especially cozy for public figures who spend a huge amount of time among people of varying degrees of intolerance. After a few weeks of active communication, the sound of the water being broken on the cliff must seem to be music.,,,