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The atmosphere of a spa in a country house: ideas and secrets of creation -


It is quite possible to create an atmosphere of total relaxation and absolute tranquility even in a normal bathroom. Today we have prepared a list of five mandatory items on the way to a home spa

If you have a large bathroom in your own country house, you can safely afford the dream of a full-fledged spa. In a city apartment, such happiness seems almost unattainable.

Firstly, the size of the bathroom most often allows you to place in this space only a small bath and a couple of storage systems.

Secondly, it is difficult to provide additional communications.

Thirdly, the very atmosphere of a city apartment withthe noisy megalopolis outside the windows in no way disposes to complete relaxation. But here we cheated a little. Of course, a relaxing environment can be created even in an apartment, but you will need much more tools for this. But to create a spa atmosphere in a country house, it will be enough to observe only five points. Chromotherapy

Relatively new direction in the modernMedicine, which, however, managed to prove its effectiveness. The essence of the technique is the effect on the body with the help of a color spectrum. Specialists distinguish four basic shades, each of which has a beneficial effect on the activities of individual internal organs and systems of the human body.

For example, red color provides a stimulatingAction and can help in the normalization of pressure in hypotension and anemia. Blue, on the contrary, relaxes the nervous system, weakens the inflammatory processes and helps fight insomnia.

Chromotherapy is realized by means of illumination of various zones of the interior and is regulated by the control panel. In fact, it looks like a colored LED light. Aromatherapy

On the beneficial effects of essential oils onThe body does not know now only a person who does not have access to the Internet. Different directions of this technique are used by supermarkets, boutiques and beauty salons. Nothing prevents you and enrich the atmosphere of your own home spa with the right flavors. The aroma of orange, chamomile, lavender and calanga will help you to relax. As a tonic, you can use thyme, melissa, ginger and rosemary, experts recommend using incense oil, roses, pines and sandalwood to restore skin elasticity. Plants

Living plants are far from compulsory, butRecommended addition to a home spa. Bouquets in vases, oil candles with flowers, moisture-loving plants in pots - all this, on the one hand, will work on the atmosphere, on the other - decorate the interior, and between the case to clean the air and produce oxygen. Pay attention, to the cut flowers the last statement of the relation has no. Mini-pool

What is a spa without water treatments?It is almost impossible to find a bathroom bowl with all the necessary tools today. Therefore, we recommend focusing your choice on the mini-pool. For example, the range of spa pools from can have not only a preventive, but also a therapeutic effect on the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system in general. Removable nozzles allow you to change and regulate the intensity of exposure to a particular part of the body in real time, that is, right during water procedures.

Spa pools from can accommodate several peopleat the same time, as well as they themselves purify and prepare the water. In the production of its spa pools, the company uses the most modern technologies that allow you to minimize the number of pipelines by 90%, which in turn reduces the likelihood of leaks to an absolute minimum and makes the process of connecting a mini-pool extremely simple. Atmosphere

Perhaps the most pleasant and at the same timeAn ambiguous point is the creation of an immediate spa atmosphere. It is useful not only a sense of taste, but also the ability to self-control. Candles, mats, natural wood and good textiles are excellent. However, even with comfort can overdo it, turning the spa into a living room with plumbing.