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Back in fashion! 6 ways to improve the interior with photo wallpapers

Do you think wallpapers are a passed stage? You are mistaken! They are back in fashion! What prospects for your interior are opened by wallpaper - learn from our material Do you remember the banal photographic images of waterfalls and birch groves that were a popular domestic interior trend in the late 80s - early 90s? Agree, it is surprising that five or six replicated pictures, presented in the form of low-quality wallpapers, could so conquer the hearts of consumers and become almost the main decorative decoration of millions of houses and apartments. There was something in them! Memories of the unprecedented commercial success of the first domestic photo wallpapers to this day do not give rest to modern manufacturers. And that's why today a new product is gaining popularity in the market, which is a combination of a successful idea of ​​wall decoration with large-scale photos and new technologies for wallpaper production. Modern photo wallpapers, unlike their absurd prototypes, are characterized by high quality, endless variations on the theme of design and great decorative potential. And today we will tell you about six ways to transform the interior with photo wallpapers.

Change in the perception of space

Photo wallpapers are simply irreplaceable for visualCorrection of the geometry of a small room. Images with perspective are able to visually extend the space, thereby making the room seem bigger, and even much more. No other finishing materials will be able to repeat this spectacular stunt. Excellent work wallpapers and in narrow stretched rooms. A bright large-scale image on the far wall will make it "move" and make the space of the room more comfortable.

Zoning Space

Zoning space is veryRelevant for small apartments, where one room is forced to combine the functions of the living room, dining room, cabinet, library, and sometimes the bedroom. And again to help come wallpaper. They are able not only to decorate the room, but also to divide it into zones, in each of which the atmosphere corresponding to their destination will reign.

Interior styling

Photo wallpapers help to emphasize the style of the interiorRoom, make it bright, more recognizable. Agree, nothing will decorate a room in the style of Provence like the kinds of the same Provence, adorned on the wall. Do you prefer American style? To create in a room the dynamic atmosphere of New York will help wallpapers with the image of Wall Street or Fifth Avenue. And for fans of such an original style as pop art, wallpapers are generally irreplaceable. Our opinion: - It should be remembered that the picture on the photo wallpaper does not have to be a photographic image of real objects. Any picture, applied to the base by means of photo printing, is called photo wallpaper.

Imitation of invoices

Due to the high image quality,Resulting from photo printing, photo wallpapers can mimic various materials and textures, for example, wood, brick, concrete or metal. With their help you can do the impossible - keep up with the rapidly changing interior fashion. Now that your room has a stylish brick surface, which is a popular modern trend, you do not have to knock the wall - just re-paste the wallpaper. And if the brick suddenly goes out of fashion, you quickly, easily and without extra costs will be able to make adjustments to the design. Our view: - Many modern designers have appreciated the unique imitation properties of photo wallpapers. For example, the Norwegian designer Tom Haga created a whole collection of "concrete" wallpaper called Concrete Wall. Models of the collection depict fragments of bare concrete walls, which were photographed in different parts of Norway.


At home we rest from the city turmoil andDaily stresses, so the design of rooms should help to create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere. To give the interior the appropriate mood will help wallpapers. Beautiful landscapes, flowers, paintings of your favorite artists - these images have a beneficial effect on the subconscious, give a sense of calm and well-being.

Giving the interior a personal touch

To make the interior of the room moreIndividual, it is customary to use as a decor things of a personal nature, for example, photographs. And why wall holes or litter the coffee table, if you can order wallpapers with a unique image consisting of your pictures? You can decorate the wall with a huge family portrait or choose your own photo collage. In any case, such a decorative solution will make the interior of the room unique.