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Balcony: guide to style, arrangement and use -

How to turn a balcony into a comfortable room withown style and useful functions? Can I use it as a bedroom? What is better to grow on the balcony? We give an extensive overview of the best Summer solutions - a great time to tidy the balcony and turn it into a wonderful zone for reading and relaxing. Or in a real Scandinavian terrace. Or in a small green oasis. Or even to the bedroom! How to use your balcony, it's up to you, well, we give 10 excellent tips on this and show a lot of good examples.

How to turn a city balcony into a Scandinavian terrace

Transform the old balcony, making it stylish andcozy, will help the beloved by many and so popular nowadays Scandinavian style. You will be surprised, but for a wonderful metamorphosis of a boring balcony into a real Scandinavian terrace, you do not need extra time and money. He talks about what is needed for this. Our opinion: - Do not be afraid to tackle the alteration of the balcony with your own hands: remember that the imperfection of handmade work is now as urgent as possible! In addition, this is a good option to save money.

The best options for glazing balconies

If you have been planning to glaze the balcony for a long time, but that's allyou are not going to do it in any way, be sure to check out ours. It will not only help you decide on the type of glazing you need, but will also give you a lot of inspiring ideas.

15 small beautiful balconies

Bright and cozy ideas are always inspiring. Take a look at these - and start your own!

Top 10 things for your balcony

Sometimes, in order to change the mood of the balcony, it is enough to make just a couple of minor changes. We have prepared a list of.

Landscaping of the balcony

The easiest way to organize a mini-garden onthe territory of a city apartment is to do vertical gardening. We have one for those who are planning to make their balcony a real green oasis.

What can I grow on the balcony

Strawberry.Many people mistakenly believe that strawberries are too whimsical berry, and it is not easy to grow them on the balcony. In fact, this plant has many advantages, which is why we offer you to grow your own strawberries on the balcony. Flowers. A great way to add color, smell, comfort to the balcony is to turn it into a gorgeous flower garden. We tell,. Vegetables. Are you surprised? Even having a small balcony, you can organize a branch of a vegetable garden at home. Cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers -.

What you need to know when joining a balcony or loggia

When the apartment is sorely lackingplaces, "hidden reserve" is used - the area of ​​the balcony or loggia. If you're thinking about adding these extra square meters to a room or kitchen, check out. This will help to avoid common mistakes and give an additional boost to your imagination.

Is it possible to place a bedroom on the balcony

Often there is not enough in small sizesspace for the bedroom, which forces designers and apartment owners to take special measures. Such, for example, as placing a bed on a balcony or loggia. : we talk about all the pros and cons. Our opinion: - Perhaps placing a permanent bedroom on the balcony is an option that is not suitable for everyone. But arranging an additional (guest) berth there is definitely an excellent solution.