Stripes in the interior: a trendy trend -


Do not know how to transfer the actual trends from the podium to the interior? Start with strips

If you follow the fashion industry, then alreadyprobably aware that the stripes are once again at the peak of their popularity. Interior fashion, oddly enough, is often directly dependent on world catwalks, and what shone three days ago in Milan or Paris is already actively used by world designers and decorators. Today we will try to get ahead of the time and independently introduce into the interior what will become popular literally next season. So the stripes. Floor If your floor is already covered with a floorboard, then painting it in new colors board after board would be too easy. We propose to have some fun with geometry and create your own "striped" ornament, which, with the proper minimalist environment, can turn even the most boring space into a trendy and incredibly stylish interior. Walls

But here you should think carefully, weigh everything and try not to overdo it. The strips can visually "stretch" the walls upwards, "extend" the corridor or simply create a bright accent wall. Ceiling

In terms of repair, this part of the finish is almostnot the most difficult. However, now there are vinyl stickers, quickly drying paints and a paint tape. They will certainly help speed up and facilitate the process. The main thing - do not miss the color. Curtains

It is not so easy to choose the ornament for curtains, as it might seem at first glance, but if you manage to do everything right, the effect can exceed all expectations. Pillows

The easiest way to change the mood in the room is to change the pillows. With this option, even the rest of the color accompaniment does not have to think. Furniture

Why buy a new sofa, if you can pull the old one? The same applies to chairs, armchairs and even beds. Accent

A striped accent can be anything, but most spectacular is the use of the object, usually the decor is not affected. A refrigerator for example.