Beautiful interior of the living room: advice on design and arrangement

In each house there are two rooms where the homeare collected more often. This is a living room and kitchen. From the situation in these rooms depends the mood of each member of the family, the psychological atmosphere and, finally, the efficiency and peace of mind of everyone. Living room in a private houseThe living room is the heart of the whole house, so itshould be beautifully and tastefully decorated. Beautiful or kitchens are the face of every home. To create a cozy home microclimate, you will have to take into account the interests of everyone. How to do it? And what about the owners of small apartments, which do not have a living room, and the projects provide only a kitchen and one or two rooms? There is an exit. You can follow the advice of designers and.

Techniques for organizing a kitchen-living room

If you want to increase space and createunusual design, you can combine the kitchen with the living room. There are several ways to combine two rooms. The first, the most time-consuming of all, redevelopment. Most often for the organization of a large space the kitchen is connected to a loggia or part of another room. To make a redevelopment, you will have to break down unnecessary walls, and then build new ones there. Dirty and time-consuming work is also expensive, so far from all the decisions are being made for such cardinal changes. Those who still did not hesitate to make the redevelopment for the unification of the kitchen and living room in one area usually are interested in the question of how to organize space so that the interior is attractive and comfortable for every member of the family. There are several ways to create a beautiful interior. If a loggia is used to expand the space, then it is better to equip the kitchen with it. Even on a small balcony can fit a stove and a cutting table. When there are not enough places, the stove can be installed from the side of the room, and on the former loggia place a microwave, a small table. On spacious loggias you can create a corner for family meals. This will make it possible to make room in the main living room. If the hostess in the kitchen spends a lot of time or prepares for a large family, then it is more logical to do the opposite. It is possible to set a tea-drinking table on a loggia in a narrow circle, place kitchen furniture along the walls of the main living room, and leave the middle free. To separate the living room from the balconyyou can make a bar counter from the windowsill. To create a beautiful interior, designers recommend. How can you separate the former loggia from the main space?

  • Looks good, the window sill, converted into a bar.
  • A divider can be a double-sided wardrobe or the same sofa. It is important that both the kitchen and the living room furniture be functional, it could be used for its intended purpose.
  • Decorate the interiors with flowers. Of these, you can create a wall that visually separates the two rooms.
  • Experts do not recommend using in the kitchendrapes. Heavy material will absorb odors and vapors from the cooking food, collect dust. If you need to isolate the room for cooking, it is better to use a compartment or glass (plastic) partitions. Back to contents</a>

    Making kitchen-living room: what not to do

    There are several design recommendations fororganization of a common kitchen and living room area. However, it is more important not to comply with the recommendations for registration (everyone has different tastes), but listen to advice about what not to do. You can not: When combining the kitchen with the living room, you should use a minimum of furniture.

  • Pile up the living room with plenty of furniture. Its excess visually reduces space, creates the impression of a lack of air.
  • When zoning the room, use only dark paints. The kitchen, fully executed in beautiful wenge color without light tones, will look gloomy and lifeless.
  • Dwell on the connection of a single,let and very bright fixture. General lighting is necessary, but each zone should have its own backlight. For the cutting table, LED shadow-less lamps will be more convenient, for intimate table lamps or spotlights for the tea-room.
  • Install a weak hood in the kitchen-living room. The aroma of food is good during dinner, and the smell of roasting fish, spreading throughout the living room, can only spoil the mood.
  • Carry out dismantling of old walls, installation of new ones, transfer of gas stove and re-planning of water pipes without permission of the relevant bodies.
  • To equip the interior without a preliminary plan,list of necessary furniture items and basic accessories. Important: if the living room is integrated with the kitchen, you need to think about their installation and decoration in the complex.
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    How to create a living room interior: advice on the arrangement

    Interior design depends on tastehomeowners. To take into account the wishes of all members of the family, but not to turn the living room into an insipid room, it is recommended to plan and plan the interior design work. The procedure can be as follows: Before you start the repair, be sure to draw up the project of the desired living room.

  • Think about the functionality of the room. If guests often come to you, then it will be appropriate for a large dining table. If you are going to rest with your family - it's worth thinking about buying a sofa.
  • After consulting with your family, make a list of necessary furniture and accessories that must necessarily be in this room.
  • Define your budget. Checking with the list, calculate how much you will need to purchase everything you need. Remember: on sale today you can find many similar things, significantly different in price (but similar in quality). You can choose the interior items that suit your material possibilities, the Internet. It is most convenient to buy things during sales and shares.
  • Consider the color scheme of the future living room orkitchen. Remember: in small rooms you can not use very dark or, conversely, flashy colors. Preference should be given to calm pastel shades. In a large area, dark colors can be used, but it is better to combine them with light colors.
  • If you did not think through the repair phaselighting, you have to do it now. In order not to build the already repaired walls, consider the versions of portable lamps: floor lamps, sconces, table lamps.
  • When the repair is finished and the furniture is bought, thinkabout what accessories will give the living room a cosiness and originality. These can be drapes, bedspreads for sofas and armchairs, ceramics, statuettes, original bouquets, etc.
  • When everything falls into place, you will have an original living room with a cozy and beautiful interior. Back to contents</a>

    The principles of arranging furniture in the living room

    A competent arrangement of furniture is the main thing in creating any interior space. It helps to organize a maximum of free space, allocate various zones, visually fix the shape of the room. The symmetrical method of arranging furniture is suitable for square and rectangular rooms. All approaches to the arrangement of furniture can (very conditionally) be divided into:

  • symmetrical;
  • asymmetrical;
  • circular.
  • Designers and psychologists have come to the conclusion thatequidistant interiors act soothingly, are perceived as balanced. This arrangement is suitable for pedants, people who love perfect order. Symmetry is especially appropriate in square or rectangular rooms. Choosing a symmetrical method, you need to visually find the center of the living room, draw an imaginary axis through it. The central place in such an interior is usually occupied by a large and bright object, for example, a sofa. All other furniture should be placed symmetrically about an imaginary axis. Interestingly, this axis can connect the centers of the walls in a rectangular room and run diagonally in a square one. To prevent a symmetrical setting from being boring, it is recommended to think over color contrasts or play with the shape of the pieces of furniture. In walk-through rooms, rooms of irregular shape or kitchen-living rooms, it is best to use an asymmetric method. To maintain harmony, it is recommended to visually balance large objects with small ones, but collected in a group. For example, opposite a high partition with a TV, you can install a sofa and a small table. A circular arrangement of furniture is most acceptable for living rooms of the correct shape, because it allows you to create cozy functional areas. The easiest way to create a beautiful one is to move paper furniture mockups across the living room floor plan.