Ideas for small interiors

Beautiful interiors of small apartments: photos of design projects

Usually everyone thinks that small interiors arebig problems. It is no secret that developing a style for large rooms is much easier than for small ones. However, a sign of real craftsmanship is an interior in which a small space could play with all the colors, reflect the designer’s artistic design and at the same time preserve its functional purpose. And examples of such genuine design art can be seen in the photographs presented in our gallery. A post-Soviet person will never have a question: what is a small room? The answer is well known: with a minimum standard of square meters per person, scanty dachas for 6 acres, tiny rooms and other similar premises, where, despite the small footage, you need to accommodate so many necessary items. They have not disappeared anywhere, they still exist in the world. And they also need to somehow equip. In addition, in recent decades, there have appeared (with the increased well-being of a certain percentage of citizens) other small-sized premises - wine cellars, storerooms and laundries in country cottages, penthouses, bathhouses and many other “excesses”. Therefore, the amount of work designers have doubled and even tripled. Today we look at interesting photos of some options and non-standard ways to use them.


This is the place where the worker should usually of your family. Sometimes she really is there. Well, we will not touch the square meters under the car. But there is still a huge amount of free space! And this is a mess. To make the room more comfortable, comfortable and functional, along one wall you can put a rack with open or closed shelves for all kinds of automotive things. Just let the man put all the tools and different parts on the shelves himself! Otherwise, it will turn out as in the proverb: "If you want to take revenge on a man, restore order in his garage." But we do not set such a goal? But the second wall can be equipped under the repository of all sorts of goodies, prepared for the winter, that is, cans with pickles, jams and other utility. As a rule, sunlight does not penetrate the garage, so everything can be left open. A jar of pickles arranged in height will create a uniquely beautiful look!

Attic, or simply - attic

Main requirements for attic space:

  • its presence;
  • heat insulation;
  • waterproofing from precipitation.

This room can be located in the house of an ordinary summer cottage, and in a posh country house. Ideas for the use of such space can be different: from the pantry room to the bedroom. Using the zoning method from a room you canmake a mix of a computer club, a pub and a romantic cafe. For finishing all surfaces in this interior is better to use a tree of dark tones. Hang chandeliers stylized as antique lanterns, ship's steering wheels to massive ceiling beams on chains. With the help of built-in lighting and a low podium, select an area for one or two computers. In another corner, set the bar of dark wood with a pair of bar stools made of bent ferrous metal. Get a great atmosphere! In the middle of the room (if the attic is largesizes) or against the wall (if space is limited), you can put an angular upholstered sofa with a small low wooden table. And it's great if you can make a real fireplace. But well fit into the space and artificial. If desired, on the wall opposite the sofa you can hang a flat TV. The result will be a place where it will be pleasant to meet in the evenings with all family members or hold parties with friends.


As they say, there would be square meters, and how to design them - there will be ideas! Get inspired by the projects of famous designers and make your apartment unique! Good luck!