Interior of a two-room apartment

Beautiful interiors of small apartments: photos and details

Argued that a comfortable home can beonly in large areas. Dispel these erroneous thoughts into an interesting project of a small loft. It was developed by a talented specialist who divided it into zones to visually increase the space, using accent elements. In the photo the author of this project is Nadia Zotov. She graduated from the British High School of Design. She is the strength of each apartment to do this, which you can only dream of. The girl is an excellent specialist in tile, fabric, color and planning.

Customer terms

The studio is owned by a young man withactive lifestyle. He works a lot and travels the same. The house where the apartment is located has a long corridor, brick walls. Previously, it was a research institute. The architecture of the building allows the use of a loft style. On an area of ​​33 square meters. meters need to arrange a dining room with kitchen, room for sleeping, bathroom. You should also decide on a place to save things.

Design features

The drafted plan was to create an openspace. But the designer decided to isolate the compact bedroom. It is separated from the rest of the room by a glazed metal partition. Next comes the living room, which is adjacent to the work area of ​​the dining area.

Storage methods. Lighting

To save things different householditems equipped pantry, located in the basement of the house. And in the hallway of the apartment is a wardrobe. The work of the customer is associated with multimedia, so the light sources are selected in accordance with its professional need.

Gamma shades

Against the background of surrounding objects and brick wallsblack color of plafonds, napkins, decor items is accent. A dark slab tile that goes from the hallway through the whole apartment conditionally divides it into functional areas.


In a small space the bathroom is combined withbathroom, poured out of concrete and having standard sizes. There is no ceramic tile, preference is given to teak wood. Natural material looks quite stylish and brings balance to the brick wall. Such wood is used in the decoration of furniture, which is installed along the wall of the cooking area and dining room. A large home cinema sliding screen is mounted in the ceiling.

Decoration and style

Distinctively looks like a shelf above the head of the bed,made from tinted boards. It is originally combined with brick, metal objects and is a peculiar decoration of the room. The presented illustrations convince you that a comfortable loft really turned out on 33 square meters.


The drawing shows the rationality of using each meter of space. The presented photos are a vivid example of the fact that you can always find an alternative to a close room. Radically refurbished rooms have become comfortable and extremely functional.