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Beautiful interiors of small apartments: top 5 photos

Lifting bed is a great solution formodest apartments Even the smallest and most modest apartment can be turned into a comfortable, functional and unmatched space for living and recreation. It does not even matter the area, location and layout of housing. Are you interested? In today's story, we will present to your attention 5 interior design options for one-bedroom apartments. All of them are equipped with a luxurious, unmatched and original transformable headset, which is why you can easily change the functional purpose of the room. Bedroom, living room, study and library - all in the same room! Do not be afraid to experiment!

1. New York

The owner of this studio with an area of ​​40 square meters. mlocated in Manhattan, completely reconstructed the room. As a result, the small apartments turned into a multifunctional space with six different zones. All walls were equipped with universal cabinets that hide headset items and household appliances. For example, at the time of the arrival of guests with a flick of the wrist a two-tier bed appears. For the organization of the working corner, the owner can put forward a practical table, the bed functions in the same way. With the help of a small partition the room is divided into two zones The bed is hidden in the wall behind the sectional sofa

2. Hong Kong

This tiny apartment with a total area of ​​32square meters has been turned by talented specialists into a real creative masterpiece. It is equipped with a modular suite, which allows you to create 24 different variations: a library, boudoir, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, living room and so on. In addition, this studio was equipped with energy-saving window units and a ceiling mirror panel. This allows owners of an unusual house during the daytime to use fully solar energy for lighting rooms and working household appliances. Floor to ceiling bookcase visually increases the height of the room Behind the modular compartments there is a bathroom and a spacious dressing room. Delicate golden palette gives the room comfort and warmth The bedroom is equipped with a lifting mechanism.

3. Paris

The area of ​​this apartment is 23 square meters. mhowever, it is a wonderful place for living, working and relaxing. The following photos show you a version of the setting that is perfect for a girl, because the bright red color symbolizes passion and sensuality. The main part of the room is occupied by a huge cube with a place to sleep, a large wardrobe, a bookcase and a work area. Mobile design with a slight movement of the hand allows you to open the bed and desk. At the same time, the internal illumination creates excellent conditions for reading. Stylish, beautiful and creative! The berth hides in a modular burgundy cube All designs move with ease, forming a new layout. Glossy red facades of the headset look very bright and dynamic. Room layout

4. Portugal

In this small studio were equippedmultifunctional modular wardrobes with a magnificent wooden finish, which perfectly combines with a snow-white palette in the design of walls, floor and ceiling. Such a headset allows you to use the apartment space to the maximum. A huge TV screen, a cozy bed and a mini bar are hidden in the transformable shelving. Family members can easily manage the movement of walls with shelves and niches, even without getting out of bed. All devices are connected to a special remote control. Incredibly comfortable and ergonomic! Wood in the decoration gives the interior comfort and warmth On a small area of ​​housing there are several functional areas. The kitchen is hidden behind panoramic glass partitions. The multimedia system and the home theater are built in a wooden rack. The wooden modular design aesthetically fits into the room design. Roomy compartments of cabinets are used to store various items. The bedroom is equipped with a podium with a bed and spacious drawers for bed linen.

5. St. Petersburg

Talented decorator Oleg Trofimov has developedunique decoration for a small apartment. The modern interior design is made in the style of minimalism, while creating a serene and calm atmosphere neutral tint palette and light wooden racks. Not only household appliances and household goods are hidden in transformable cabinets, but also a table for four people, folding chairs and a TV. The bedroom was equipped with a small desk to work at the computer. The living room is decorated in light shades and furnished with stylish furniture. The locker hides various items of the headset and device. Boudoir design in minimalist style