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Two-bedroom business class apartment in North Chertanovo -


Have you ever seen a studio apartmentbecomes a full-fledged three-room apartment with lots of storage and a library? Today you will be pleasantly surprised to see a piece of interior art from the White and black design studio! Today we will talk about an apartment located in the residential complex "Avenue 77" in North Chertanovo. The customers wanted to plan the space of the apartment with maximum use of the entire area, a small entrance hall, a large kitchen-dining room and a living room. In every room, they wanted hidden storage space. It was also necessary to allocate a place for the library, since the customers have a large collection of antique editions of foreign and Russian writers. The professionals from the White and Black interior design studio got down to business. White & Black Design Studio White & Black Design Studio was founded in 2004. The design studio is engaged in the renovation of apartments, apartments, houses, offices, cafes, restaurants, shops and even hotels. It also provides home staging services, complex preparation of real estate for sale in order to increase the value of the property. Designers work in all styles, however, the largest number of projects are carried out in modern, classic and ethnic styles of the interior. We adhere to a non-standard approach to interior design, which lies in the utmost functionality and true aesthetics of the interiors being embodied. Olga Chernenko, designer Initially, the apartment was a studio withoutwalls with two bathrooms. According to the plan of the builder there should be three rooms (two isolated and one through kitchen-living room). The White & Black interior design studio offered the customer the following option:

  • two bedrooms;
  • two full bathrooms;
  • A large kitchen-living room, divided into three zones: the kitchen, the dining room and the living room itself.

The large bedroom was divided into two zones: The bedroom area with a library without wardrobes for clothes and a wardrobe area. The guest bathroom was enlarged due to a dark (uninhabited) room. As a result, the redevelopment was agreed in the appropriate authorities, and the wishes of the customers were fully realized. The color scheme of the apartment is based on light colors that contributes to the creation of lightness and airiness of the interior. The accent is the chocolate kitchen, combined with the living room. The bedroom was decided to be made in light beige tones, as well as the bathroom adjoining to it. In the office, they decided to use the blue color for the walls, it helps to concentrate on the work. Furniture is selected in contrast to the color of the walls - to create the necessary accent. An interesting feature of the interior ispaintings that are written by the designer himself (Olga Chernenko). They perfectly correlate with the color range of the entire interior. Pictures are present in the living room, above the bed in the bedroom and in the study. The textiles for the living room and bedroom are successfully selected. Curtains with a geometric pattern in the living room perfectly finished the interior. In the bedroom, at the request of customers, a real library was organized, which fits into both the color palette of the interior and the general style theme. Living room: console, armchairs, chandeliers -; sofa - Myhouse; table, chairs, shelves - IKEA; coffee table - Calligaris. Bedroom: bed - Tomasella; armchair - Eichholtz; bedside tables - IKEA. Office: furniture - IKEA; chair - Eichholtz. Decor and finishing materials for all rooms: Decor: Zara home, IKEA, Natuzzi, Calligaris, Asia Tides, Hoff; Solid board - Topwood; Finishes: Rossetti and Orac Decor. Large bathroom: bath - Gruppo Treesse Epoca; overhead sink - Hidra Lodge; table top - artificial stone to order; all mixers are Nicolazzi. Guest bathroom:finishing - Cerdomus, Lilly, Benchmark White; flooring - Cerdomus, Lilly; furniture - to order: shower partition - 2BOX DOCCE; all mixers are Hansgrohe; table top - artificial stone to order; bedside tables - IKEA; mixers - Nicolazzi, Hansgrohe. Apartment plans (measurement and furniture).