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Bedroom with two different bedside tables: 6 tips on how to do it beautifully -

How to choose the right bedroom for two completely different bedside tables and not lose in style, aesthetics and relevance? Today we are discussing this issue in detail

Phone, wristwatch, alarm clock, book,a lamp, a glass of water, and a hair elastic, a calendar, a hand cream, a lip balm, a sleeping mask, a notebook ... What can not we put on the bedside table by the bed! About to do without it, even the speech is not. Of course, among the population of our blue planet there are people who can live without bedside storage systems, but we are not familiar with such.

However, today, instead of looking for the mosta capacious and laconic cabinet with a million shelves, boxes, bulbs and places for wireless gadget charging, we decided to concentrate on the aesthetic side of the issue. Choosing the same bedside tables for the bedroom is like picking up shoes, gloves and a hat in one tone: it's a "bayan", that is, an old story. Today aerobatics is to pick up two completely different tables, perfectly looking in each other's company. How to do it? Now we'll tell you everything.

  • Tables / tables should not differcompletely and in everything. Something in common they still should be - style, shape, size, echoing with the palette of the rest of the interior color. Choose one or two parameters to your taste.
  • Color can be characteristic for bedroom style, butnot to meet anywhere else. For example, in the Scandinavian white bedroom, night tables in natural shades of wood will look great. It is also not forbidden to have several colors in the design of one table / bedside table. The main thing in this case is the principle of organicness and the presence of style.
  • If the task is to "connect" with each othercardinally different in style items, try to focus on the same final finish. Classic and modern bedside tables will certainly be able to tie up, pasting them with mirror panels made of plastic. In the women's bedroom, this kind of details will look perfect.
  • Choose the brightest shade in the interior,it is desirable, that it was a small accent, like a bright blue vase or a purple pillow. Paint this in the color of the nightstand or make a gradient from it to the lightest color.
  • If you decide to stay on tables and tables that are completely different in style and color, and you can not connect them, just put the same fixtures on them.
  • Another good method is to create an effective scheme"Bed-bedside tables" and in every way emphasize the asymmetry and differences of tables / bedside tables. If you, of course, have enough imagination and sense of proportion.
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