Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Two-bedroom apartment with a round living room and a bright children's room

The bedroom, separated from the living room only by glassSeptate, juicy colors and an unusual layout connected in a new project of a three-room apartment from the interior designer Stepan Bugaev. The owners of this apartment are a bright and unordinary family. The husband is testing computer games, his wife works as an accountant and brings up a child. Interior designer Stepan Bugaev, to whom young people entrusted work on the project, with the help of bold design solutions created an extraordinary interior to suit the hosts: dynamic, bright and fully reflecting the worldview of the tenants. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer Graduated from MIPT with a master's degree in physics and SU HSE with a Master's Degree in Business Informatics. Has its own design studio, under his leadership, more than 500 design projects have been implemented. Included in the top 100 best designers, according to the leading interior edition of AD. He is a teacher of the School of Design of the Higher School of Economics, conducts the author's course "Interior Design. Rules for creating a successful project. " Performs with open lectures on the topic of interior design and writes articles for leading interior magazines and portals. This project is the case when the layout of the apartment itself is an unusual element of the interior. It catches the eye already at the entrance: a small corridor leads to a round living room, combined with a kitchen and separated from the bedroom only by a glass partition. The whole apartment is permeated with the feeling of a single space with the zones flowing into each other: only the bathrooms and the children's room are hidden from the eyes. The hallway is an openThe space leading to the living-dining area is intended mainly for storage. So, in the niche at the entrance of the owners keep bicycles, and in the invisible built-in closet clothes are stored. As a rule, when a public zone is mergedMost of the space is allocated to the living room, and the dining room is a compact dining room. In this project, designers came to the contrary: the living room is a small part of the dining room and is indicated only by a modular sofa, which can be transformed into a double bed if desired, and the TV opposite, since this is not the main zone in the apartment. This decision is dictated by the way of life and hobbies of the owners: being active people, they do not spend much time on the couch. The dining room is located in the center of the room, the mainElement is a large round table. The walls are made in milky-white color, and to the perimeter of the ceiling is added a molding, painted in a bright blue color. Such an unusual element enhances the effect of the presence of the kitsch style and creates the impression of a soaring ceiling. The kitchen of the U-shape turned out very bright forA bold contrast of blue and red on a white background. Bar counter repeats the contour of radius walls, as if continuing them, and even more geometric composition makes cylindrical pendant lamps blue. The bedroom has an asymmetrical layout: On one side of the bed is a console instead of a nightstand, on the other side is a table. The light from the suspended lamp, reflected in the mirror, gives the space depth: the room visually becomes longer. Dense curtains on the windows, if desired, you can close the glass partition - this is the only way to retire in the whole, inseparable space of the apartment. The central element of the bedroom was the bedItalian factory Creazioni. The bizarre carved headboard is painted in bright colors, and the upholstery is made of graphic textiles. The entrance to the cloakroom from the bedroom is hidden behind the invisible door of the Secret series: the color of the door merges with the color of the wall. Kitsch stylistics is emphasized by the use of bright details: a rich red table lamp and a disco ball, which, together with a set of pendant lamps, creates an atmosphere of a party in the cozy space of the bedroom. Children's room is the brightest space of the apartment: One of the favorite colors is yellow. The room provides plenty of space for the game: the furniture is located along one wall, there is a separate storage area for toys. Green-blue lamps, bright puffs and a cheerful rug support the game mood and the atmosphere of childhood and carefree. To dilute the simplicity of white walls, one of them designers made accent: dyed in green and decorated with imitation of children's drawings. The bathroom is mostly made in a minimalist style, and the simplicity of the forms compensates for the bright color of the finish. Instead of a small mirror, a large, full-height wall was placed over the sink. Guest bathroom is made in monochromeBlack and white scale. The traditional ceramic sink was replaced with a metal chrome bowl. Mirror is located from floor to ceiling and continues even under the countertop, which allows you to visually expand a small shower room. Tips from interior designer Stepan Bugaev:

  • Add each space your color: decorate the rooms in their own scales, but in the same style.
  • In the interior with simple minimalistic forms add classic elements, for example moldings or a bed with a carved headboard.
  • Unusual planning may seem boldExperiment, but in some cases it is more than appropriate. You can combine not only the kitchen with the living room, but also add a bedroom to the common space.
  • Use multi-level lighting: built-in walls, floating ceiling, hanging lamps.

In this interior were used: Kitchen-living-dining room:

  • Kitchen - Valcucine (Italy);
  • Sofa - Calia Italia (Italy);
  • Lighting - Martini Light (Italy), Panzeri (Italy);
  • Porcelain stoneware - ARCH-SKIN (Russia).


  • Bed - Creazioni (Italy);
  • Table - Alivar (Italy);
  • Lighting - Vibia (Spain), Moooi (USA).

Children's room:

  • Bed - CLEI (Italy);
  • Furniture - Pianca (Italy);
  • Lighting - Moooi (USA).


  • Porcelain stoneware - ARCH-SKIN (Russia);
  • Sanitary ware - Antonio Lupi (Italy), Jacuzzi (Italy);
  • Lighting - BPM Lightning (Spain).

Guest bathroom:

  • Tiles - Ornamenta (Italy);
  • Plumbing - Duravit (Germany);
  • Lighting - BPM Lightning (Spain), Fabbian (Italy).