The interior of a small living room

Best living room design ideas

Creating an interior compact space is alwaysassociated with certain difficulties for the designer, but if we talk about living rooms, where we spend a lot of time and most often receive guests, the lack of square meters can simply lead to a dead end. How to maintain a sense of freedom and space, but at the same time to ensure the availability of extra seating? What furniture to choose and where to put it? We have prepared for you a list of 15 ideas for creating a harmonious and 10 specific options for arranging furniture in it.

1. Mirrors and wallpaper

A small living room can look likebox, especially if it has few windows. It is necessary to define the central element of the design, increase the illumination and create a sense of depth. All these tasks can be solved quite easily by decorating the walls with correct wallpaper and hanging a mirror somewhere on top. Best of all, if it is located directly opposite the window and reflect the surrounding landscape. A nice sofa should be placed in the center of the wall pasted over with wallpaper, and on both sides of it should be placed suitable for the style and size of the table with table lamps. A large wicker ottoman made of straw can serve as a coffee table and additional seating depending on the specific situation. If space permits, you can put one or two small chairs in front of the sofa. Seats - from 2 to 4.

2. Hidden compartments for things

Pay attention to the furniture with differentstorage compartments to help reduce clutter in the room. A chest or ottoman with drawers can serve as a coffee table, being in the center of the room. Near the wall it is better to place a chest of drawers or a shallow cabinet, and not a high table, as in this photo.

3. Small furniture

Huge corner sofas and worn chairs -unsuitable items for the living room decor. You may like some antique furniture from the middle of the last century or an earlier period, when typical apartments and houses were not too large. The range of your searches should be limited to compact sofas, banquettes and armchairs with narrow armrests. A small sofa with elegant tables on either side of it is located near the bay window. A pair of armchairs from the time of Louis XVI are located opposite him, an old couch - to the left of the wall. The chest in the center replaces the coffee table. Seats - 6.

4. Top decor

If your living room has high ceilings,Be sure to take advantage of this. Let the vertical space be impossible to fill with furniture, but the expressive decor of the walls can create the illusion of a larger volume than it actually is. Equipping an eclectic art gallery is just one of the design options.

5. Angles

This may seem illogical, but if in yourthe living room remained unoccupied a small corner, a large piece of furniture is best suited to fill it. A full-size sofa, like what we see in the photo, has many seats, without dividing the room space into several parts. Corner sofa with individual pillows and folding stools with leather seats form the perfect combination for friendly conversations in a pleasant company. If desired, you can find a place for a chair without armrests. Seats - 7 or 8.

6. Sofa

Sometimes a full-size sofa just nowhereto put. Then you have to limit yourself to a narrow sofa or an elegant couch of a suitable design. Prefer a simple model on the legs, which will not look too heavy. A tidy sofa with a rounded back is located in the center of the room directly opposite the TV. A single armchair and a soft ottoman, on which you can also sit, complement the seating group. Seats - 3 or 4.

7. Couch

The best place for a sofa in the living room is openlayouts - in the center of the room, not near the wall. But even a modest size model in this case can absorb the lion's share of space. The couch, that is, a sofa without a back, is a smart alternative to the traditional options. It is convenient to sit on it on both sides, and this is a very valuable quality in conditions of a shortage of space.

8. Houseplants

We have already talked about the ability to reflectsurfaces and wallpapers visually change the depth and fullness of space. Houseplants can also affect these subjective parameters. Lush green smooths the corners and creates the illusion of volume in those places where it is not. The light couch in modern style is located in the center of the open-plan living room. Directly opposite her, at the windows - a pair of soft chairs. A miniature table of unusual design complements the eclectic image of this combination. Seats - from 4 to 7.

9. Multifunctional furniture

The setting of the compact living room should includeonly really worth items. Pay attention to the models of poufs that can be used as a coffee table or an additional seat. More options - mobile tables, transformable stools and other versatile pieces of furniture. A simple sofa without armrests is a bit off the wall. Two low poufs of impressive size can be used for various purposes. Seats - 2 or 4.

10. Built-in furniture

Instead of shoving a lot of cornersvarious items (bookshelves - here, chest of drawers - there), select the whole wall for the arrangement of the built-in storage system. Shelves with a height from floor to ceiling can accommodate anything from decorative elements to the TV. And even folding desk.

11. Folding chairs

In a really cramped living room it is difficultarrange a sufficient number of seats. But you can purchase several folding chairs and store them in a closet or pantry (or even under the bed), and if guests arrive, retrieve them from there. Built-in full-wall storage includes a niche for TV, shelves and cabinets. A small sofa is right in front of her. A low plywood chair looks rather unexpectedly in this interior, but does not break it apart. Seats - 3.

12. Nontraditional options

Small but very stylish living room decoratesunusual couch with carved wooden frame. Another window opening in the same living room is complemented by a wide bench decorated with bright pillows. A miniature table and a low round pouf form an additional seating area. The couch stands in front of a small sofa, and a coffee table made of acrylic and a pouf with upholstered in artificial wool are placed between them. A window with a bench is in another part of the room. Seats - 7.

13. Without a sofa

And who said that he must be? If there is not much space, try putting two or three compact chairs around the coffee table. Two different chairs with leather upholstery make up a set with a low round coffee table located in the center of the room.

14. Illusion of invisibility

Acrylic, glass or plexiglass furniture is idealsuitable for the living room, because it does not hide the visual volume. Pay attention to the coffee tables or side tables with sloping edges, made of these transparent materials.

15. Recreation area by the fireplace

Put a pair of low seats without backs -benches or poufs - in front of the fireplace, in order to increase the number of seating areas without breaking the living room space. Even better, they will be equipped with hidden storage compartments. Two antique chairs fill the bay space, and a narrow sofa with a low back is located along the wall opposite the fireplace. The eclectic interior almost imperceptibly forms a plexiglass coffee table. Two soft ottomans are on the other side of it, by the fireplace. Seats - 7.