Organization of space

The most tiny and well-organized jobs are

Do you have room for a study? No problem, in the presence of minimal abilities to order the space around you you will have enough of the tiniest corner and a low stool. We have 20 proofs of this statement

Organizing the working space at home, we oftenI want to create such a cabinet "ruler of the whole world." A huge table with a lot of boxes, a computer chair, except perhaps coffee itself does not cook, a complete set of office attachments of the most unexpected destination. But in fact it's terribly boring. It's impossible to work at such a table. For what, in fact? After all, everything is already there.

Whether it's 70 square centimeters freeplaces somewhere between the closet with clothes and the door to the balcony. That's where you can "take a run" and learn at once and everything. See for yourself - a tiny workplace will teach you reasonable economy, organization of space, planning and the ability to live here and now. What else can you dream about, in our time?