The most important color trends of 2015


Who does not want to know the future, even a smallIts part? Everyone yearns for it. We will be happy to tell you what shades will be popular next year: knowing the fashionable color trends, you can "catch" the wave in many directions. Every year, experts from Dulux and the British Institute of Colors AkzoNobel prepare a collection of five color trends called Color Futures. They have not only a single concept, but they are necessarily united by the color of the year. And this is not just someone's whim, the choice is by analyzing color preferences around the world. The main concept of the album Color Futures 2015Is to bring something special to everyday life and to search for something amazing in the ordinary. The color of the year was called a deep copper-pink hue, and it blends perfectly with all color collections of the year 2015. There are only five of them: "Big nature + little me", "Layer + layer", "Imperceptible spaces", "He + she", "Friendly exchange". And now let's get acquainted with each color trend closer:

Color 2015: copper-orange

Replaced by cool blues and greensWarm colors come from previous years: orange, pink and red. Plus, metallic shades have become more significant in modern design. So this year's winner was unanimously chosen for the orange-copper shade. Our opinion: - The color of copper is not only in perfect harmony with all color collections of the next year, as well as with woody tones, but also fits perfectly into everyday life. Whether it's clay, sunny yellow or flesh colors, they all evoke warmth and naturalness.

Big nature + little me

This collection features the image of the desertMojave, scorched by the scorching sun. She is frightening with her endlessness, but at the same time, she is amazingly beautiful. Intense earthy tones of sepia and sienna, as well as ocher and ceramics, provide a strong color palette that seems to be inspired by nature itself. Believe in yourself completely. Know that there is something within you that will overcome any obstacles.

Christian D. Larson

Layer + layer

A mixture of past and present is just such a thoughtis inherent in this trend. A subtle combination of different colors instead of a stand-alone shade looks very elegant, especially in pastel and soft colors. And the addition of layered and faded elements creates a sense of depth in the composition. Design is the essence and soul of human creation, embodied in a sequence of outer shells.

Steve Jobs

Invisible spaces

In the current realities, every piece is important.spaces, so you should use forgotten and even unloved corners to make something beautiful out of them. The trend under consideration is aimed at this with all its essence. The combination of dark and light shades creates an effect of depth on the plane, while the sophisticated colors of blue-gray, pale pink and khaki make the collection exquisite. Our opinion: - Different saturation of the same color or a variety of shades of the same saturation will simultaneously make the space multifaceted and will not violate the original harmony of color.

He + she

Trying to achieve equality in modern society,despite gender differences, there has been a tendency to develop the best qualities of each gender. After all, differences are even better than similarities complement each other, because it is the plus that is attracted to the minus, and not vice versa. Uniqueness and balance formed the basis of this trend. Parents should teach children from an early age that diversity is beauty and strength.

Maya Angelou Men's shades of bluish gray, khakiand teal are here combined with women - cream, powder pink and prunes. The created image can be called restrained, confident and even classic. This composition can be used not only in residential premises, but also in bars, cafes, restaurants.

Friendly exchange

A friendly atmosphere should be createdThrough cooperation and resourcefulness in communities. And such confidence must certainly contribute to warm colors, and in the most unpredictable combinations. Red, berry and pink tones give softness together with orange and lime color. In turn, bluish, ocher and dark brown fill the composition with incredible juiciness.,