The best kitchen manufacturers and masterpieces of kitchen design


Modern kitchens often lackvariety. However, digging through the catalogs of famous European brands, you can find real masterpieces of kitchen design. We have found for you 15 amazing kitchens that excite the imagination. Browsing the Internet, you have probably more than once come across photographs of the interiors of houses and apartments in which kitchen spaces were out of the general stylistic concept. This problem is fairly common in modern design. After all, stylizing a kitchen space is much more difficult than, say, a bedroom or living room: there are restrictions in the choice of materials, strict functional requirements. Often, not too diverse variations on the theme of a standard kitchen (strict geometric shapes, traditional materials for facades) are often used by "lazy" designers as the only possible compromise between practicality and style. But the real masters of their (design) business are able to create a unique kitchen space, the design of which is not only a logical continuation of the general stylistic concept, but also breaks the traditional ideas of how a kitchen should look. We bring to your attention 15 options for the perfect modern kitchen space. All of them are created by renowned European kitchen manufacturers. In our opinion, each of these projects deserves the title of "dream kitchen".

Ruler Vintage by Marchi Cucine

This line consists of five kitchens made invintage style. However, none of them are like the other. Our list of the best kitchens includes four models from this series at once. Nolita The vintage design of this Italian kitchen is thought out to the smallest detail. All materials, fittings and even the technique of execution correspond exactly to the basic concept. Rough wood fronts, external steel hinges, a staircase that provides access to the upper drawers (you just want to climb it) - these and other stylistic details borrowed from a bygone era make Nolita a dream come true for a vintage kitchen. 1956 It's easy to guess by the name of this kitchen,what period of time inspired the designers. The brutal and at the same time romantic style of the kitchen is based on a bold (at the present time) combination of elements: riveted metal sheets, roughly sanded stone surfaces, wood with a pronounced natural texture. Numerous stylized accessories that come with the kit will be able to help future owners with the competent integration of the headset into the kitchen space: hooks, rails, a towel holder, containers for spices and even metal vases for table decor. Panamera This kitchen is morediscreet and concise analogue of the previous model. Its design also includes a combination of natural wood, stone and metal. However, all surfaces are well finished and look smoother, more tidy. Panamera exudes all the same romantic vibes as the rest of the kitchens of the range, but nevertheless has its own unique style: calm, unobtrusive, one might say cozy. Loft The design of this model is intended to emphasizethe trend of transformation of non-residential spaces into residential ones, which is fashionable in our time. According to Italian designers, such a kitchen should decorate a modern loft. All the elements that make up the kitchen space are literally imbued with an industrial spirit. One gets the impression that the furniture and accessories that make up the kitchen unit today were part of the design of industrial premises only yesterday.

Modular kitchens Diesel Social Kitchen from Scavolini

An ingenious idea to involve in development of the conceptIdeal kitchen space designers who create fashionable youth clothing, has allowed the well-known Italian manufacturer Scavolini to bring its product to a fundamentally new level. In co-authorship with the fashionable brand Diesel, a series of modern modern kitchens was created, which demonstrate not only functional but also stylistic potential. The main idea of ​​the project was to createa harmonious space that could not only serve as a place for cooking, but also become a center for communication and entertainment. That is why Diesel kitchens by Scavolini are conceived as part of a single space with the living room. Despite the fact that their design contains vintage motives (aged surfaces, massive handles), the kitchens look very modern and even a little minimalist. Stylish looks combined with modular design and variable surface colors make it easy to integrate Diesel Social Kitchen into a wide variety of trendy interiors.

Luxury kitchens from Brummel

The kitchens of this Italian manufacturer will not leaveindifferent lovers of luxurious interiors. It is renowned for its personalized customer service, so there is no such thing as a Brummel “standard kitchen”. Papillon The kitchen, executed in the style of modern classics, is striking in its magnificence. That only there is a luxurious white island, under the table top which is hidden high-tech filling. And again, the manufacturer offers the buyer not just a headset, but a completed design project. Almost everything that you see in the photographs (furniture, lamps, accessories) can be ordered together with the kitchen.