Black of the night: mysticism in the interior -


Interiors in the mystical style dialpopularity. That was the reason for the series "Once in a Fairy Tale" and other fresh movies. The main thing is not to be afraid of anything. Black-black interior - it's just a fairy tale decorator. Our selection will inspire you to exploits

In this material, you will not findInscribe a spiritual board in the interior, but you will certainly be inspired to create something as deep, mysterious and multifaceted as the darkest night of your life.

Ash-colored hues, illuminated by light bulbsWarm yellow spectrum, turn into brown-golden surfaces, which means that with the arrival of darkness you will always find yourself in a completely new interior.

Gray-blue will remain relevant for at least a couple of years, so do not hesitate, paint the walls.

Naked brickwork can be beaten as you like. And it's not necessary to create another loft.

Yes, this is another perspective of the very first picture, but in fact it seems that this is a completely different interior ... It's all about the world.

Bedside lighting is like a drop of water falling from the ceiling of the chambers in an abandoned castle.

This is a nursery. At least some of our editorial staff would like to spend their childhood in such a room.

Curtains sewn from a fabric with the effect of "chameleon", in themselves make an indelible impression.

It seems that in such a dining room they do not clatter dishes and always speak in a low voice. Man is the greatest mystery of this world, a hobby can be safely called a black turn to her main room.

The old clouded mirror is no longer able to fully perform its functions, but it can well become the main decoration of the interior and a permanent object for inspirational discussions.

Correctly selected decor for a mystical interior - this is already half the success.

History always carries a secret - if it's your goal, the flea market will be your favorite place for walking.

An old tray hangs on the wall. Not antique, but just very old.

The classic combination of red and black is fantastically shaded with white floorboards. Purple color is not in vogue now, but if you are not going to follow the instructions of this capricious "young lady", welcome, please, for inspiration to this bedroom.