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Black and white interior: an ideal example from Poland

How to decorate the interior in black and white and withthis balance? We found out about this by looking into one of the Polish apartments. From our point of view, there are no shortcomings in this apartment. And here you can get a lot of beautiful and practical ideas. The owners of this apartment are modern people with a rational and active lifestyle. They are ready for courageous experiments, but they try not to advertise their personal lives. Studio Architektury has created for them an ideal space.

Light and shadow

A distinctive feature of this apartment wasthe color scheme of the interior, which is built on the contrast of opposites. White is light and black is shadow. A few use black-and-white in a residential interior. This indicates that the owners of this room are extraordinary personalities. And as you know, opposites attract. White color is preferred by sublime romantic natures, and black color is more like a lonely, deeply thinking originals. Our opinion: - Do not use in a black and white interior a lot of different drawings. In this case, rectangular and smooth lines perfectly match. Use the principle of yin-yang in the interior, creating a balance: for example, if you have a black sofa, then add it with a white pillow.

He and she - black and white

Black and white colors perform different functions inorganization of space. White color visually enlarges it and fills it with light. Also emphasizes the shades of accessories and furniture. Black color contributes to the creation of a warm, chamber environment. They are not recommended to combine in the same proportions, so that the interior does not look too strict and boring. It is better when one of them dominates the space. The designers of the project used this technique, and as a result, different territories with a predominance of one of the colors turned out. Look, in the kitchen and dining area dominatesWhite color. It creates a feeling of lightness, freedom and solemnity. Against this background, every detail is visible. Immediately effectively allocated kitchen apron. It is noticeable that this is a women's territory, where the owner of the apartment is in charge. She is a tidy and likes to hide unnecessary objects from prying eyes. White walls visually increased the space andemphasized the colors of furniture and accessories. Perhaps the landlady of the apartment is a model. The designers hinted at her belonging to this profession with photos on the walls and a spotlight in the corner. Black color adjusts for effective work andhelps to assemble. According to scientists, this color is the most comfortable for activation of the brain. Therefore, on the second level of the apartment is a male territory - an office. This is dominated by a black color with shades of gray. Our opinion: - The owner of the apartment studies the works of the philosopher and writer of Polish origin Leszek Kołakowski. Perhaps the owner of the room is a critic in the sphere of culture. His profession is connected with analysis and requires concentration. Therefore, this color scheme in the interior is the best for him and helps in the work.

The third is not superfluous

Undoubtedly, the game of contrasts always looksstylish and beautiful, especially in a minimalistic or Scandinavian interior, as in this case. But to visually soften the sharp boundaries between black and white, it is desirable to apply a third color. The designers of the project used the shades of gray as a link. It is close to both colors.

What the ladder hides

Between the first and second levels is setstairs. The lower part is white, and the upper part is black. Transparent railing became a smooth dividing strip and smoothed sharp boundaries. The staircase in this interior also performs a mini-dressing function, which is very convenient and rational. Perhaps you have a question: what is on the third level of this apartment? We intentionally did not begin to talk about it, since there is a master bedroom, in which the entrance is forbidden by everyone except the couple in love living here.