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Black color in the interior: tips for use

Is it possible to live in a black bedroom, how to use black in a nursery and whether it is necessary in the interior in general. All these questions we asked the designer-decorator and got very interesting answers

It's not the first season that black interiors makewe sigh convulsively and marvel at the courage of their owners. It seems that with a certain amount of skill in black, you can paint even the whole house as a whole. However, this is not the case. We invited designer-decorator Yulia Alekseeva to talk about this difficult topic. Julia Alekseeva, designer-decorator Head of the JulyAlex Interior Design & Decoration studio. Graduated from MGUDT and the International School of Design with honors. Julia prefers to design private interiors, she also has experience in creating public interiors: offices, cafes. In his projects, he pays special attention to functionality, ergonomics and comfort.

- When choosing a color for the interior, the designer alwaysthinks about the atmosphere that should be present here. Already at the stage of selecting a particular shade, you can get the most varied range of sensations that a person who is in this room will experience.

Do not be afraid to experiment with saturateddark colors in the interior. They absorb light, giving the interior depth, respectability and some mystery, while the room is perceived much more cozy and chambery.

Black color attracts to itself, since alwaysis connected with curiosity. He gives an opportunity to relax, rest, he delays, but does not encourage to active action. This is the color of tranquility, which speaks of silence and detachment from the outer world of vanity. The dark color of the walls gently envelops and relaxes. The black color, as well as the dark gray anthracite, is quite elegant and attractive, but at the same time it is perceived as serious and businesslike.

Against this background, other colors are perceived morebright and juicy. It is for this reason that for the walls in the area of ​​a small cafe in Studio 22 (The Loft) was chosen dark gray color Lamp Black 228, Little Green, Manders. All visitors celebrate the extraordinary atmosphere of this place - peace and tranquility, allowing to forget about the bustling city, troubles and cares for a cup of coffee.

However, black has its drawbacks, no less significant than the pluses.

Black color is not very suitable for tight rooms, as it absorbs light, reducing the surrounding space.

The use of black in large quantitiescan negatively affect the psychoemotional state of a person, setting him up for melancholy and despondency. The choice of black for a private interior is more likely to indicate some kind of shocking premises. For example, it may be quite appropriate in the living room of a lonely bachelor, expecting to surprise his guests with something unusual, and in an apartment of a couple with children who prefer cheerful holidays and friendly family gatherings, black will create a depressing atmosphere.

For the children's room, black color is possible only inplan of accents, no more than one wall, and it is desirable to use not a purely black color, but dark shades of gray, blue, green - this will somewhat soften the depressive component of an open black color.

In a small bedroom, black can be a little crushed due to a small space, but at the same time it is able to create a daring, sexual atmosphere.

The black office will look too gloomy,he can suppress visitors, but, probably, the owner of exactly such effect and achieved? It will be quite comfortable for a gloomy and hard man to be here even in solitude. If these qualities are not inherent in you - it is better to choose lighter tones for the design of this room.

The abundance of black in the kitchen will make her not verycozy and hospitable. The accent of warm tones in the tile, upholstery of chairs and accessories - paintings, napkins, vases - can create a sense of life.

The use of black in the bathroom can bequite interesting, but it is unlikely to give a charge of cheerfulness in the morning. If you really want to use black, it is better to confine yourself to a guest bathroom, adding bright accents, turning it into an art object in this way. If you look from a practical point of view, thenblack walls, floors and textiles will look fresh for a long time. However, on horizontal black surfaces, the dust will be more visible than on a light background, and on the glossy black details, there will be more clearly visible scratches and scratches.