Boredom off: revitalize the beige walls


On how to charge neutral energyinterior, why paint the doorposts in black and what is common between the sea and beige walls, we will tell in our material today Beige in the interior is a classic, but recently this color is increasingly associated with boredom. Our selection of "color ideas" will help to fill the beige walls with energy and not lose yourself in too neutral tones.

1. Red

All shades of red marvelously blend with beige,However, there is a condition - compliance with the "temperature regime": warm shades - with warm, cold - with cold. Red is a very intense shade, but you do not need to rush the armchairs at once with red velvet. Let the changes be progressive: start with a red vase, tablecloth or pillows.

2. The sky and the sea

And between them - sand. Perhaps there can not be a better combination. Only in the interior the volumes will have to be reversed: the main one will be the beige, and the carpet and textiles of the color of the sea wave and sky-blue accessories and lamps will complement it. In such an environment, it would be appropriate to look at paintings and photographs devoted to the water element.

3. Pink

No one can call this room boring. But if all the shades of this color are associated only with the chewing gum and the room of the teenage girl, then we hasten to reassure you: a saturated pink, close to a raspberry, for example, in a dosed amount looks very modern and adult. Try to "dress" in such a shade of a classic chair - and you will be very surprised.

4. Black and White

It's the beige that adds the classica monochrome combination of elegance and chic. As a basis, you can use a simple, but spectacular scheme of beige walls, dark floors and black doorways and window frames.

5. Coffee with milk

This tranquil scheme fits in well with the interior of the bedroom. The main secret here is the contrast, so make sure that the walls are used to lightly or dark colors.

6. Orange

Work with this warm, sunny shade to youenjoy. It can be safely applied on a large form in the living room, and in the kitchen. Lighter shades of orange in small doses can refresh and bedroom.

7. Green

Another natural and therefore classiccombination - sand, grass and water. In residential space, water can be replaced by reflective surfaces and get a clean, comfortable interior, in which it is even easier to breathe.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,