How to choose interior doors for your apartment


Rooms without doors are a common occurrence inmodern interiors, but if you are a supporter of traditional interior doors and are not going to abandon them, then this is the place for you. We will tell you what they are and how to choose interior doors What is the difference between modern interiors? Lack of partitions and interior doors. Many abandon them in favor of more space. Although you can't do without doors, especially when you need to retire. Doors with mirrors can create an amazing aristocratic atmosphere in the interior. Airiness in space can be achieved with the help of openwork glass inserts, and sliding mechanisms will help to save precious meters. What other doors are there? Let's consider the most popular types and analyze their advantages and weaknesses.

Classic swing doors

The most ancient and traditional humaninvention - swing doors. They have a simple design: a box on which the hinges are attached and a door leaf. Platbands are often found in the set. Swing doors are:

  • Single-leaf;
  • One-half the standard one, the other half narrow;
  • Two-leafed.

When buying, you should pay attention to wherethe door opens: outward or inward. Consider the location of the future door and what kind of furniture will be next to it, as well as the dimensions of the interior doors. Manufacturers offer convenient options: left and right. If you are comfortable opening swing doors with your right hand, then the hinges will be located on the right, and vice versa. Advantages

  • Swing options fit into any interior.
  • Their forms are often rectangular and arched.
  • They are reliable and easy to operate.
  • It is easy to replace hardware.


  • They steal useful space.

Ekaterina Mamaeva and Ekaterina Svanidze,architectural and design studio Dvekati: - We adore interior doors with a hidden frame, they have no platbands. They are so versatile that they are suitable for any interior, while the door leaf can be anything, even completely mirrored. Most often, we use factory-primed canvases, which we then paint in the color of the wall - the door becomes invisible. Do not forget about an important feature - hidden door frames are mounted in the opening at the preliminary stage of repair, then they are walled up into the wall, after which the finishing is done.

Sliding doors with sliding mechanism

Sliding doors, on the contrary, save room. They create an attractive look in the interior, especially the wall-to-wall models. Their design differs significantly from swing doors. If necessary, such doors are easy to hide and combine two rooms into one whole space. This is a great option for small apartments. If swing doors can be purchased as separate parts (frame, door leaf), then you need to purchase the entire mechanism at once. There are several options. One of them is when the guides are installed directly on the walls. And the second is done if, previously (at the stage of repair), an opening was installed in the wall for such doors in order to hide them inside the walls. Although manufacturers now offer beautiful design solutions that may well become an interior decoration. Then there is no point in hiding them. If the passage is not wide, then single-leaf models are quite suitable. The standard and most popular are sliding double doors. In wide openings, four-leaf options can be used. Advantages

  • Space saving.
  • They are not afraid of curved walls, because there are radial special constructions.
  • They are usually made to order.
  • There is no need to differentiate the floor covering.


  • If the door leaf is installed directlyOn the upper suspension, and at the same time it has a high operating load, then it will not last for long. The canvas will shake and will, as they say, go for a walk.
  • Also they are short-lived with poor quality hardware.

Our opinion: - Sliding doors on the entire wall - not quite a convenient option for young children.

Folding door-book

Such mechanisms are arranged like a book.They are good for use in halls, living rooms, where there is a wide doorway. There are two types of book doors. In one case, such a model is attached to the box with hinges, like swing models. And in the other - it is fixed thanks to the upper guides, like sliding options. Advantages

  • Such doors make the interior special, attractive and interesting.


  • Functional inconvenience of the mechanism.
  • A classic two-leaf book occupies a part of the passage. In this case, make your choice in favor of the accordion, which consists of narrow wings.


Roto doors are an alternative to allthe listed options. The mechanism allows you to open the door in any direction and turn around its axis. The guide of the structure is fixed in the doorway, or rather, in the upper part. The roto-door is able to move along the entire distance of the rail. Advantages

  • Such a mechanism allows you to save space.
  • It was developed specifically for people with disabilities.


  • There is a maximum permissible load on such doors. It is desirable that they are made of light material. This will ensure a longer service life of the rollers and grooves.


An important factor for which it is necessarypay attention when buying doors - their appearance, durability, high strength, environmental friendliness. These factors are largely due to the choice of material from which the doors are made. Nowadays, manufacturers offer many interesting solutions. But the most popular are doors made from wood and wood-like materials such as MDF. These products are more expensive in terms of cost. Especially if the doors are made of noble wood species. To make the interior attractive or futuristic, materials such as plastic, metal, glass are often used. Thanks to modern materials, designers have the opportunity to create interesting and very daring ideas. Our opinion: - Any product must be of high quality. When buying interior doors, you should pay attention to quality certificates, who is the manufacturer. Familiarize yourself with the main features and instructions for use and care. Inexpensive models are usually short-lived and not particularly beautiful. They require a careful attitude towards themselves. On the other hand, doors made of high-quality materials usually have an exquisite design and can last for more than one year.,,,