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How to choose bathroom equipment: what is considered the best


You have decided to change your old plumbing ordecorating a new bathroom? What should be considered when choosing plumbing? With such a huge choice, it is difficult not to get confused. Therefore, we have prepared a review for you with expert advice. Has there come a moment in your life when it became necessary to purchase a new plumbing fixture? To make the right choice, you first need to figure out what to be guided by when choosing much-needed household items. Make purchases better prepared. That is why we decided to collect a number of recommendations for you and talk about what types of plumbing are and what you should pay special attention to.

Harmonious combination

When shopping, remember that a bathtub,toilet bowl and bidet (with a combined version), a shower stall and a sink must be combined with each other. Materials, style and quality of all plumbing matter. The main requirements when choosing plumbing products are convenience, comfort, hygiene. But the style, shape and size are selected depending on personal preferences and characteristics of the space. Do not forget about the quality of the products. After all, you will be installing them for more than one year. Each type of plumbing has its own requirements.

Which plumber should I choose

The most popular washstands, toilets, bidets and urinals are made of porcelain or faience (sanfarfor, sanfayans). What is their main difference? Outwardly they are very similar. But the difference between them exists.

  • Earthenware has a beautiful appearance, light and relatively inexpensive. Its surface is porous.
  • Porcelain products look very smooth, soAs a method of roasting material another. It is more resistant to temperature changes, and it is more convenient to take care of porcelain, since the sediment and dirt practically do not remain on it. If the premises are not heated, then preference is best given to the porcelain plumber. It is more expensive than earthenware, but it is also heavier.

Our opinion: - The disadvantage of both materials is that cracks and chips appear from the hit of heavy objects. We also highlight a number of other materials that are used in the manufacture of plumbing:

  • Composite products. They differ in their increased strength in comparison with other materials. They are not afraid of mechanical shocks and chemicals. Outwardly they are similar to the granite surface. Have excellent smoothness and shine. They require minimal maintenance, since dirt does not settle on them. The disadvantages are their high cost.
  • Marble. It is considered expensive, luxurious and durable material. But because of the porosity, additional care is required, since the marble surfaces are quickly contaminated.
  • Glass. Fashionable material, because it creates an attractive environment in the bathroom. By durability can compete with faience and porcelain. In the manufacture of such plumbing, increased demands on hardening and strength are made. Requires a constant care for themselves, as on the glass are very visible any divorces, impurities. Washbasins must be wiped dry daily.

Olga Savchenko, interior designer:- Plumbing should be chosen by compiling a detailed list of items that are needed in the bathroom in advance. Today, there is a very large selection of sanitary ware on the market: toilets with bidet function, built-in, overhead, freestanding sinks and bathtubs. There is plumbing for the elderly and even for pets. The choice of plumbing equipment depends entirely on functionality, stylistic solutions and project budget. Depending on this, brands are selected. Based on my experience in interior design, there are brands on the market that have proven themselves well over the years. From the classic style, these are, for example, Devon & Devon, or more economical options - Burlington. Modern design brands such as Vitra, Roca, Laufen are suitable for the bathroom.

Shells: selection criteria

Since shells are different in shape and methodfasteners (tulip, curly, wall and cascading), then first of all pay attention to the holes for the mixer. Different types of sinks have different sets of holes for installing faucets, the assortment of which is also quite large. Make sure that sinks with an overflow protection hole are equipped with special fittings and their own siphon. The choice of sink also depends on the size of the room. In small spaces, corner models or built-in options are appropriate.

Toilet bowls: what to look for

If you have a water meter at home, givepreference, for reasons of economy, the half-drain model. In order for the water to drain along the entire edge of the toilet bowl, it is more efficient to purchase a product with a circular drain. Another very important point: when buying a toilet, consider at what angle the sewer pipe is. There are angled and straight options. So, choose a toilet for the parameters that you have at home. Otherwise, the laborious work of fitting the pipes will have to be done.

How to choose a bath or a shower tray

Cast iron, steel or acrylic? Which is better to choose a plumbing?

  • Cast iron. Old, proven material, but very heavy. His advantage over others is that he keeps heat for a long time. Therefore, you can wash in such a bath for a long time and slowly. If heavy objects fall on it, chipped chips may appear.
  • Steel. It is considered to be a lighter and cheaper material. If the product is too thin steel, the walls may bend. Rapidly heats up and immediately cools down. So long to luxuriate in such a bath will not work.
  • Acrylic. Beautiful modern material. It is characterized by its lightness and excellent characteristics. Long retains heat, but is unstable to scratches. Therefore, special cleaning agents are required for maintenance.

Our opinion:- Usually manufacturers give a quality guarantee for high-quality sanitary ware. When buying any products, check if they have a guarantee and, most importantly, do not forget to register it in the store. An important factor when choosing plumbing is its manufacturer, so the question is often asked - which company plumbing is better to choose. If you find it difficult to decide, be guided by the world leaders in the industry.