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How to choose the style of the interior of the future house: 7 steps

To understand where to settle in the future, forYou should start to understand where you lived before and where you are now. In our new material, we are extending a helping hand in this difficult matter - choosing the style of your future home. Have you already thought about this? Then you understand what a puzzle it is. How to choose a style, when in due course all the directions are beautiful. After all, at times and minimalism is not so empty, and the cold industrial in some apartments such that at least immediately move, and eclecticism in skilled hands and at all promises the royal chambers. What to do? How to understand what is really yours and what you just like? We have developed seven steps for you, after which you will be able to decide. Let's start?

1. Inspect what you have

Walk around your house and look at it withHand, as a guest. How much do you think people live in this house? Who are they? Than they live? What are they striving for? What do they dream about? After you form a third-party opinion, take a sheet of paper and make two lists. The first - unloved, uncomfortable, inappropriate things. The second - the most favorite, valuable and comfortable pieces of furniture and decor. Then think that for you the house is a favorite chair, a grandmother's clock with a fight or a new flat TV. Most likely, it is around these things that your future interior will be built, and the style of these items will become the style of your new home.

2. Disassemble the mezzanine

Rummage in the history of your life and chooseThe most important, memorable and vivid parts of it. Old family photos, especially successful drawings, favorite music, caskets, vases, vintage suitcases, bags and hat boxes. Details of the future interior are ready. Such decor can be designed almost any interior - from a modern loft to a dense retro.

3. Gather a collection of ideas

Perhaps you have been doing this for a long time, andIt's time to analyze the result. If not, start right now - collect the liked interiors from magazines, pictures, drawings and visualizations on all Internet. And then sit down and make out that in all these pictures that have caught your eye, the overall - the palette, style, layout. Find it and draw conclusions for yourself.

4. Add yourself

You certainly know how to do something with your hands: Embroider a cross, weave macrame, knit plaids, draw, create collages. No? Then pore in the collections - stamps, postcards, rare candy wrappers and labels. Something is sure to be something that will become the soul of your new home.

5. Expand the horizons

Do not be afraid to mix styles. If you suddenly found that yours is hi-tech and vintage, do not be frightened, this is not a dilemma, but an opportunity to express yourself and create something completely unique. First, find the basis for the interior, what you will most easily embody, and then complete the chosen direction with auxiliary details in a different style. Eclecticism is always great!

6. Be inspired by good examples

Call your friends and go on a visit. Watch - do not feel, and tactile sensations for you are very important. Upholstery of furniture, textured plaster, bamboo blinds - every house has something that will hook you and carry you away. Ask your friends how they live with a white fluffy carpet, are the glossy kitchen facades really so comfortable, and is there really no dust on the white furniture?

7. Look in the mirror

You probably already managed to find your style in clothesOr at least outlined it. Are you sure that a young lady in a magnificent dress in the style of a Boho will be able to live in a minimalistic monochrome interior? Maybe you should try something else? Answering the questions of who you are, what you really are, it is possible, you can easily find the answer and the main question - in which house you want to live. Relax, forget about the rules and trends, plunge into yourself, dive headlong into your world - this is your real home. What kind is he? You already know the answer?,