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How to choose a table in the kitchen: examples of kitchen tables and designer's tips


The dining table is an important element of any kitchen,Long revered in many cultures. This is the place where people share their joys and experiences with food. Let's figure out how not to lose and choose the right table for your kitchen. Agree, it's nice to get together with the whole family for lunch or dinner, to enjoy delicious dishes and to talk heart to heart. It is important to sit at a table comfortable and comfortable. Here are a few points to consider when choosing a table.


If your kitchen is spacious, you can varyDimensions of furniture, and its location. For example, when the entire set is placed along one wall, the table is recommended to be placed close to the opposite one. If the furniture is exposed P- or G-shaped, then the best place for the table is in the center of the room.

Size and shape

For medium-sized rooms it is preferableTo buy an oval or round table. The absence of corners will leave more room for maneuvers, and will also accommodate more people. In small kitchens, round-shaped tables are also desirable, especially with a glass countertop: this will visually expand the space.


The design of the dining table will depend on the styleCuisine in general. Models from natural wood and stone are suitable for any interior. Glass can also be used in almost any style, from high-tech to classic. But plastic and metal surfaces will look great in modern design projects.


It is important to select the material of the tabletop depending onfrom the appointment of the table. So, for a table at which you only plan to eat, a wooden surface is perfect. For the one on which food preparation will take place, it is plastic: it has excellent contact with food and moisture, but, keep in mind, it is vulnerable to the effects of aggressive cleaning agents and hot dishes. The stone will withstand not only all of the above, but also moderate mechanical damage. The laminated and metal surfaces are the most resistant. So if you love to solder on your kitchen table, then this choice is for you.


Let's return to small kitchens. For them, the ideal solution is a transforming table. There are also folding models, and those that are equipped with a rolling mechanism. But they all have additional countertops, which in case of arrival of guests will provide more seats at the table.

Expert Advice

Ekaterina Prosyanya, designer Engaged in designAlready 9 years. First there was a university in parallel with the practice, then working as an assistant to private designers and in design studios. Now this purposeful girl independently leads large projects, offering its customers a high-quality and stylish design. "The best reward for me is recognition and good reputation," Catherine shares.

  • Be careful when buying a table with a glass top. No matter how beautiful it may look, glass is a cold material, and prolonged interaction with the joints of the hands will not bring any benefit to the health.
  • If the dining table should stand in a smallRoom, think about transformers. Such tables come in a variety of designs (folding, sliding, turning into a coffee table, sliding under the sofa, etc.), while any of them will save a lot of precious space in the room. This option is especially relevant for those who have at least a bar stand for a casual meal, otherwise the transformer table risks forever staying in the unfolded position.
  • Do not try to choose a table from the same collection,That you like the chairs. Modern trends recommend mixing different styles, approaches, materials, manufacturers. It will be quite accurate to compare with the world of fashion: now shoes do not necessarily have to be in tune with a handbag, more complex and not so obvious combinations are welcomed. Let your dining table be in harmony with a coffee table, a floor lamp by the sofa, a curbstone under TV or another piece of furniture or lighting.