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How to choose curtains: this service will solve the problem in a couple of minutes

If there is no time to run around the shops or not enoughfantasy, high technologies come to the rescue. This magical service will not only save you time, but also help you create the perfect interior. The most enjoyable stage of any renovation is decoration. Picking up pictures, rugs, pillows and other little things is a great pleasure, especially since you can do it slowly. And now it's time to buy curtains, and you just can't figure out what they should be. Or you know exactly the color, but don't know where to find the right fabric. And in this case, iDesigner comes to the rescue (you can find it at https: // curtains.rf/idesigner/). Related Articles So far you have no idea what should be the ideal curtains in your interior? Just take a picture of the room and upload the photo to the site! There are several important nuances:

  • photograph the interior during the day, in natural light, and better on the camera, not on the smartphone;
  • Try to get into the frame all the important colors that appear in the interior;
  • preliminary remove from the frame everything that can distort the scale: magazines, toys, flowers, bright little things.

The system will immediately give you not only the best colors for curtains, but also pick up real options that you can purchase. In the process of repair, many are inspiredpictures from the Internet and keep interesting color combinations and ideas. If you already have images that reflect your idea of ​​dream curtains, then boldly download them! The service will pick up curtains with a suitable combination of colors and even with the same patterns and ornaments as in the photo. Not to mention, of course, about individual colors. For example, you dream of curtains of cobalt color. Upload a photo to the site with it, and the service will offer you several real options. You just have to choose the right one for the price and properties! But that's not all.Very often we select the fabric not just for the interior, but in a company with another fabric - for example, for upholstery, or we are looking for light curtains of the same color as the curtains already purchased. And there is a solution for this case too! Follow the link https: // curtains.rf/catalog/podbor/ and upload the highest quality and sharpest photo of your fabric, and the system will select similar options. By the way, it will be useful for those who urgently need to find an analogue of discontinued fabric. Related Articles