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Building a house: preparation and stages of construction


Want to build a dream house and can not wait to start? Today we will tell you what steps need to be done for this, and our expert will advise when it is best to start a construction site. You have long dreamed of building your own house, and here is the necessary amount in your hands. There is a desire to build your nest - but is it only possible to build a house in the autumn and what steps need to be taken before starting construction work?

1. Examine the site

It is impossible to work out a project for a future home withoutSite research. Geologists are engaged in this, which you can find in specialized companies. After checking the site, they issue an opinion, and on its basis you can make the project.

2. Order the project

Then head to an architecture company forwith the help of specialists. After all, it will be very difficult to compose it yourself. A project is not just drawings on paper, but also an estimate, as well as a whole list of technical details. Without this kit, a building permit cannot be obtained from local authorities. Our opinion: - If you suddenly decide to change the project, and these changes are of a global nature (more than 10% of the initial project), you will have to coordinate this with the district architect. If this is not done, then you cannot avoid a fine of impressive size and problems with further processing of documents.

3. Obtain a building permit

For this step you will need to contactlocal government bodies, for example, to the administration of their city. After submitting all the documents, if the project meets all the standards, you will be given a construction permit act. Documents you will need:

  • Certificate of land ownership;
  • passport;
  • A copy of the project of the house together with a copy of the documents from the organization that designed it;
  • Application for building permits (write in the administration).

Our opinion:- Remember that you need to coordinate the project with all the neighbors with whom your site borders. This is done so that in the future they could not present you with claims that your construction affects their territory. From the experience of many acquaintances, we can say that the step of obtaining a building permit can be postponed for some time, or you can begin to receive it, simultaneously starting construction. Of course, for this you must be 100% sure that the project is done perfectly and there will be no special pretensions to it. What you need to be prepared for: they may be asked to make small changes, for example, on the cut of communications. Or to the location of the entrance gate.

4. Check out some more documentation

The list of documents published above is not yetonce you need it. For example, to request a site survey in the architecture committee (Geosurveillance department). It is necessary to issue you an act and a plan, where the axes of the structure and the boundaries of the land plot are indicated. For a construction passport, all these documents will also be needed. They are submitted there, in the architecture committee. You will also have to visit the State Fire Inspection and the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision, where they agree on a plan for the placement of buildings on the selected site. The trips to the authorities do not end there. Now you need to go through the organizations responsible for the supply of sewerage, electricity, water, gas to the house. They must check that everything is done according to the rules. It remains to get permission to carry out installation and land work - and it's in the bag! Our opinion: - Start construction work within two years after completing all documentation. After this period, you will have to run through all instances again and get permission again. If you meet the deadline and start work on time, then you will be able to continue construction as long as it takes. The construction time is not regulated by law.

5. Start construction

And now all the documents are ready, you can startConstruction. Perhaps you have a lot of knowledge in the field of building houses or have a special education. Then it will be easier for you to cope with all the difficult tasks, otherwise contact the professional company where the team of architects, engineers, designers, builders works. Do not choose the first organization that came to you. Study the information, read the reviews, ask your friends, maybe they will advise you people who are well-proven in business.

Expert opinion

In such a serious matter as building a houseyou simply cannot do without the help of a specialist. We asked engineer Areg Samvelyan with some questions. Areg Samvelyan, engineer, head of a construction and architecture company - - What needs to be done before building a house? - - The first is to conduct a geodesy of the site, because if this is not done, then you will have to work "blindly". That is, if the builders encounter an obstacle that was not provided for by the project, they will have to stop work until this issue is resolved, which will inevitably lead to an increase in the cost of work. - - Can there be any difficulties at this stage? - - A less optimistic scenario is also possible. In order not to stop work and not endanger the entire construction process, they can solve this issue at their discretion, adjusted for your budget according to the system "and so it will come down." If such unscrupulous builders come across, then no one will give guarantees of quality to the house. - - What type of foundation would you recommend? Is it possible to build a house in the fall? - - The type of foundation is determined depending on the type of house and soil. In the case when the project provides for a monolithic reinforced concrete foundation, it is better to be patient and postpone the start of construction for the warm season with more stable temperature indicators. If, for some reason, you nevertheless decided to take this step, in this case, it is advisable to lay the foundation in early autumn, and then prepare it for wintering. If the project provides for a pile-screw foundation, then you can lay it at any time of the year. As a rule, it is intended for light housing construction and areas with high groundwater. It is relatively inexpensive and can be laid down in a matter of days. On such a foundation, you can build frame-type houses or a small log house. - - What material would you recommend for building a house in the autumn? - If you started construction in late autumn or winter, it is better to do it from wood, especially since the winter forest is considered the best. It can be glued beams, rounded logs, hewn beams or frame houses - the choice is yours.