Through trial and error: 10 options for decorating your own bedroom from a popular American blogger


Today we want to introduce you to Virginia -a popular American blogger, a talented amateur decorator and just a charming girl. She created 9 options for decorating her bedroom before she came to the ideal of Virginia, a charming girl who created her own blog about interior design, in which she shares with readers the personal experience she gained in the process of decorating her own home. While browsing the virtual page of Virginia, we came across unique material that we simply could not help but share with our readers. The fact is that the girl created 9 versions of the design of her own bedroom before she was satisfied with the interior.

Version number 1: basic

When Virginia first saw the main bedroomher new home, she was delighted. Not because the room was beautiful and cozy (it was terrible), but because it felt great potential. According to the girl, the bedroom was associated with a diamond, which requires cutting.

Version # 2

The first version of the bedroom interior was veryuncomplicated. Virginia has only just discovered the fascinating world of decoration. You see that the colors and materials of the decoration remained unchanged. Added only furniture, and then the most necessary.

Version # 3

Gloomy wooden doors and panels oppressedVirginia, and she decided to repaint them with her own hands. As a result, the room came to life, became brighter and more cheerful. Note that the doors are painted white and the wood wall panels in the annexe are the same color as the walls. This one technique in itself completely changed the mood of the bedroom.

Version # 4

Next, Virginia decided to replace the mattress, whichserved her as a sleeping place, a full bed. However, the girl did not have money to buy the coveted piece of furniture, so she decided to confine herself to a metal frame. The luxurious headboard is the handiwork of Virginia herself. The photo shows that the interior is acquiring signs of the classic style. This is evidenced by the chandelier, which replaced the ugly fan, and the charming chair and ottoman, which Virginia personally upholstered.

Version # 5

Virginia continued to furnish the bedroom, butevery new interior was modified by it. She picked up a dressing-room dresser and dressing table and dyed them white. Also, Virginia converted a small coffee table into a bedside bench, decorating the table top with a soft upholstery. In this form, the room lasted as long as 6 months.

Version # 6

The next version of the interior, according to the mostVirginia is one of the more successful. She was able to purchase a dresser of her dreams, which she immediately painted without hesitation in her favorite white color. But the main changes affected the arrangement of furniture: the bed "moved" to the next wall, and the same luxurious chest of drawers took its place. In addition, Virginia bought a couple of bedside tables at the sale. Now she no longer considers this purchase a success: “You need to have a special flair to find the right things on sales. At that time I didn’t have it yet. ” The color of the walls also underwent a change: it became darker and more saturated. A charming elegant rug from Home Depot appeared on the floor.

Version number 7

The next version of the bedroom also has a rowsignificant decorative differences. Virginia once again changed the mood of the room by painting the frames of the mirrors with silver paint. Furniture began to look more interesting due to contrasting black elements - fittings. The dressing table is completely unrecognizable: its top gleams elegantly with black gloss. To avoid the coloristic confusion, Virginia replaced the bedding with a golden tint for a white set. In the adjoining room, she arranged a semblance of an office. The main place in it was taken by her grandmother's antique chest of drawers, which also did not escape the "white" fate. Editorial Opinion Excessive passion for white coloroften plays a cruel joke not only with amateurs, but also with professional designers. In addition to the obvious advantages (visual expansion of space, conformity to fashionable trends), white has negative aspects. Reasonable use of it creates an easy and relaxed atmosphere, but busting can lead to the creation of a sterile and emotionless interior.

Version # 8

This option did not last long,because tired of the hostess an abundance of white. Virginia was really a little carried away: again she painted the dressing table white, added a white carpet, and also a bedside ottoman in light gray upholstery. In addition, the girl changed the head of the bed. Textile upholstery of the latter was matched to the tone of the ottoman.

Version number 9

This time the girl decided to give specialattention to accessories. She replaced the massive chandelier with a more elegant lamp. Instead of a white carpet on the floor appeared a carpet, the color of which corresponds to the color of the walls. The chest of drawers was decorated with new large decorative accessories. Virginia also painted a few pillows and put a contrasting striped bench at the foot of the bed.

Version number 10: our days

Virginia can't explain exactly whatthe final version of the bedroom is better than the previous ones. However, it is in this interior that she feels happy and satisfied. What has changed? The girl literally added a few bright accents and even colored furniture. The adjoining room changed its functionaldestination. Now Virginia uses it as a gym. Next to the simulator is a vintage pale blue chest of drawers, in which the girl keeps various trifles. It is also impossible not to notice a beautiful example of decorative art hanging from the bedroom ceiling. This chandelier really raised the interior of the room to a new level. Virginia continued to complement the interiorinteresting decorative accessories. This is how postcards with images of flowers and flamingos appeared in the bedroom, which, thanks to homemade frames, look like real objects of art. The "silver" line, which began with mirrored frames, was continued: in the room there was a place for a silver tray and grandmother's antique pocket mirror. Handmade pillows, on which the girl had worked earlier, also came in handy. But the main pride of Virginia was the dressing room. It was her inner design that she dedicated to the last weeks. We hope you've enjoyed following the stunning interior evolution of Virginia's bedroom, and you can be recharged by her unbridled desire for creativity and improvement.