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How can I remake a one-room apartment: 33 meters for three -

How to reconcile the tastes of two generations in oneSpace? How to create an original and bright interior at 33 meters, accommodating everything you need? In this apartment you will be amazed by everything: from design to planning. Bonus article - councils for the creation of such an interior, and a selection of recommended items Neoclassic with a touch of artistic and exceptional functionality - nerasprostranonnoe phenomenon, but in a small space and a studio apartment at all unique. For the present owners - couples, moved to the capital of Novosibirsk - a temporary housing, arranged for a comfortable waiting putting new spacious treshki closer to the center of Moscow. The main owner in a couple of years will be their daughter, who dreams of enrolling in a theater school. Therefore, designer Alyona Timofeeva faced the task of Turgenev's spirit: reconcile the tastes and needs of "fathers and children", in this case mothers and daughters, in a very modest area of ​​33 square meters. And she took for it using neoclassical eclecticism, boldly and freely interpreting tradition for the benefit of its customers. Alena Timofeeva, architect-designer,Head Studio FD: Graduate of the Faculty of Design MGHPU named after S.G. Stroganov, Alena is engaged in the design of private and public spaces since 2006. Behind shoulders - dozens of interiors: private apartments, cottages and townhouses, offices, offices, exhibition space. "Design begins with a plan, not with a sofa" - a motto that demonstrates an approach to the organization of spaces of any kind. "I always detail the internal architecture, and then complicate and fill it with details. Only in the alloy of high-quality design and precise stylistic solutions is born a unique interior, "- says Aliona. The measuring plan of the apartment is provided by Alena Timofeeva The dismantling plan was provided by Alena Timofeeva The plan of the erected structures is provided by AlenaTimofeeva Space Organization Customers asked not to clutter the apartment with pressing built-in closets - they were bored with typical pictures of sliding mirror doors in friends' houses. I wanted an easy and cozy interior. But even without large storage systems in this space can not do: a seasonal wardrobe and bed linen (there is no bedroom!) Need somewhere to place. Alena Timofeeva, Studio FD: - The task is not easy at first glance. But the decision came quickly after a detailed study of the plan. Initially, the kitchen had a complicated, inconvenient layout: the ventilated box crashed where access to the riser service was needed and the water meters were taken off, the entrance hall was tilted. In fact, 10.5 square meters of the original area were little functional and uncomfortable. So in the apartment there was another room - a dressing room, she decided all the difficulties with storage and unnatural geometry of the room. The area of ​​the kitchen was reduced to 8.5 sq. M. M and took the form of a square with a cut angle. Although I do not like the fifth wall, but in this case this solution was optimal. Apartment plan with furniture arrangementAlena Timofeeva Kitchen To the kitchen they added a heated loggia, having organized there a storage system and a winter garden (the customer is very fond of flowers). There, too, an easel with illumination was put up to show pictures and photographs. Kitchen furniture in a classic style was made to order, according to Alena's drawings, to get high kitchen cabinets to the ceiling and thus visually enlarge the room. On the floor - granite with marble mosaic insets. The same inserts are repeated on the kitchen apron. Alena Timofeeva, Studio FD: - Bright accents - designer chairs, graphic paintings and a collection of plates hostess at home. But the most unusual of them is a black and white fresco with a landscape of autumn nature, printed on a natural canvas, the whole wall. Against the background of the fresco is a mirror in a metal baguette that performs two tasks at once: accumulate additional light and expand the space. The plan and the development of the kitchen are provided by AlenaTimofeeva Lounge The living room, it is also a bedroom, "right" for a classic rectangular interior with a bay window - the most multifunctional zone of the apartment. In the bay window, where the second winter garden is located, a coffee table is set at night. The traditional Italian sofa elegant in appearance proportions turns into a bed of impressive sizes - it was specially ordered with a large berth. Case furniture was made to order according to Alena's sketches and drawings to fit comfortably and accurately without cluttering up space. The plan and the layout of the living room are provided by AlenaTimofeeva In the decorative sense of the living room - the same mixture of modern bright accents with traditional elements. On the floor there is an oak floor board, on the walls there are wallpapers with a classic print, doors with a hint on a strict classical form. Alena Timofeeva, Studio FD: - The rest of the painting was painted with juicy colors of interior items in a modern style. The brightest detail is an armchair in a luxurious turquoise leather, from the Italian designer Roberto Lazzeroni, in support of which the interior has paintings of contemporary artists, orchids and cute statuettes brought by customers from travel. Artist Anna Silivonchik "A drop in the ocean" Armchair Mamy Blye from Roberto Lazzeroni (Italy)Bathroom Classical basis - porcelain stoneware, imitating the texture of the stone. 3.9 square meters of area forced customers to make a difficult choice: a bathroom or a closet with a washing machine. As a result, we stopped at a spacious shower room. To save useful centimeters, made to order a corner cabinet with a sink. The plan and the unfolding of the bathroom are providedAlena Timofeeva Color and light The first impression of the apartment is not the classic juiciness and the play of colors. But in fact it is created only by correctly chosen accents. The general color solution is very calm, it's difficult to get tired of it. Alena Timofeeva, Studio FD: - Look closely - on the walls a light gray scale, classic white ceilings, on the floor - a dark oak board. Bright only details: turquoise chair, coral pillows, paintings. Sit on the couch - and you will not notice this brightness anymore, only a calming palette will remain. This is done specifically to turn into a sleeping area, the living room was not tiring with flashy colors. On the functionality of the interior "working" carefully thought out, warm lighting. In the living room there is a ceiling light, a floor lamp and directional lighting of pictures, accents - light shelves. In the kitchen there is a pendant lamp above the table, a dot light around the perimeter of the working area and a lighting of the eaves. Alena Timofeeva, Studio FD: - I believe that the project is based on "three whales" - functionalism, modern classics and a certain amount of artistry. The landlady of the apartment was inclined to traditional forms, but realized that she was making out an apartment for a young girl of a creative warehouse. She will conduct noisy parties there and meet guests of her age and circle. The compromise found as a result is liked by all. The interior of this small and not very well planned apartment has become a vivid example of how it is possible to embody the boldest ideas on a modest square and make the space both beautiful and fashionable and practical! When creating the interior were used: Kitchen

  • Kitchen furniture is made to order by Alena Timofeeva's drawings at a private Russian factory.
  • Chairs - the factory Poltrona Frau (Italy), designer Roberto Lazzeroni.
  • Wallpaper paper - a collection of Sunday Morning, the factory Chesapeak (USA). Fresco - photo Aks tabiat ziba, printed on canvas in b / w format.
  • Tiles - Arezia (Italy), Fondovolle opificio (Italy).

Living room

  • Cabinet furniture and the door are made in a private Russian factory by order and drawings by Alyona Timofeeva.
  • Sofa - Monte Carlo, Reltti (Italy), a bed was added to order in Italy.
  • Armchair - model Mamy Blye, factory Poltrona Frau (Italy), designer Roberto Lazzeroni.
  • Tumba - Creazioni (Italy).
  • Kashpo - replica of flowerpots JM Ferrero (Italy).
  • Flooring - oak parquet board Par Ky (Belgium).


  • Tile - Marazzi (Italy).

To create in a small area a bright space in which classical and modern elements are naturally mixed, the following techniques will be useful:

  • Start not with a design, but with a layout. Consider the dimensions and purpose of each room, ergonomics, lighting and the needs of all who will use this room regularly.
  • Do not forget that the main signClassical interiors - proportionality. Correct geometric shapes and commensurate functional furniture are welcome. Excess, on the contrary, should be avoided.
  • At the heart of your palette should lie soft andComfortable shades. The floor, walls and ceilings in such interiors, as a rule, withstand in classical combinations: dark floors, white ceilings, pastel or discreet wall tones.
  • But some accents can and should beBright both in shape and color. Oscar Wilde once said that all the beautiful things belong to the same era. Excellent advice to the collector and fan of eclecticism. Experiment by mixing beautiful objects of different styles and directions.
  • Use the interior of the noble, natural textures - wood, stone, ceramics, metal and glass. And only as a separate bright elements - designer plastic.
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