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Finishing the ceiling, light and mirrors in the interior - ideas for the living room


Equipping the living room is the same taskdifficult as well as relevant. And photos are already hanging on the walls, and pillows are spread out on the sofa, and curtains with an interesting print decorate the windows, and you feel that something is still missing. What exactly? This time decorator Yulia Borisova shares her experience and advice. We continue the series of materials dedicated to the design of the living room. We are already talking about how you can decorate this very main room in the apartment. Today we offer you to get acquainted with the techniques that decorator Yulia Borisova uses in her work. She told us the best ways to decorate the floor and how to use mirrors in the living room interior. Julia Borisova, decorator Since 2003 she has been the head of her own project, Ukdesign Project. She has over 10 years of experience in design and architecture. Favorite trends in interior design are modern classics, eco-styles, a mixture of European styles, minimalism and eclecticism.

Reception number 1: mirrors

If you have got an apartment with many carrierscolumns on walls or right in the middle of the room, they can be "hidden" with the help of mirrors. Draw your ornament from mirrors, a kind of mosaic, and decorate the column with fragments with a facet. The glare of the bevel will dissolve the reflection of the interior of the room - and the columns will visually disappear.

Reception № 2: caissons with illumination

If your living room is long by main walls,for example, 2.5 x 4.3 meters, then such a room can be visually turned into a square. For this, too, there are several different techniques. For example, divide the ceiling into three parts and design caissons with illumination.

Reception number 3: moldings

If the height of the ceiling does not allow it to be lowered by 25-30 centimeters, then the same effect can be achieved with the help of a molding of gypsum or dyeropolymer moldings.

Reception number 4: gender

Experiment with the floor pattern, combine natural marble and a massive board.

Reception number 5: ceiling and stucco

Decorative ceiling or stucco decorate anyinterior. It is not necessary to choose classical ornaments, there are many simple decors that will look unobtrusive and attractive in the room.; part of the photo is provided by Julia Borisova