Economical light bulbs make life brighter


The coming XXI century and with it a deficitEnergy and resources have led to the emergence of energy-saving light bulbs, which we want to talk about in this article. Modern life dictates its economic laws. One of them, which has to be observed daily, is energy saving. It is possible to screw one bulb into a multicolored chandelier, less often turn on the light, but it is better to use a universal option - energy-saving light bulbs.

Where did the energy-saving lamps come from?

Even in the last century, mercury, sodium andmetal halide lamps came fluorescent. Their development is caused by the need to optimally use energy resources and reduce the level of environmental pollution. But the first fluorescent lamps were too large for home interiors, and only three decades ago they began to acquire the present, familiar look. The quality of these devices is determined primarily by the color of the radiation. Depending on its range, fluorescent lamps are classified into neutral, warm and cold white. Demands vary, and manufacturers include lamps with dimming and multiple light modes in their assortment.

What is more profitable

Seemingly the advantage of energy-savinglight bulbs undoubtedly, however, in many homes, the incandescent lamps we are used to are still used. And this is not a matter of conservatism: incandescent lamps are much cheaper than fluorescent ones. Nevertheless, their service life rarely exceeds six months, while a fluorescent light bulb does not need to be replaced for years, and its high cost pays off rather quickly. The volume of energy consumption also speaks in favor of economical bulbs that do not heat up as much as incandescent bulbs, are not fire hazardous, are characterized by higher light output and are safe for the eyes. Designers are increasingly "integrating" energy-savingBulbs in their projects as residential, office and administrative premises, with might and main exploiting the possibility of creating a variety of lighting (the phosphor can be painted in any color).